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A Solution to Your Lack of Confidence is Being Given Away

Press Release: January 29, 2010

Kate Irwin is a woman who was bullied at school, couldnt talk to others as she was painfully shy, shied away from social situations as she felt others were always laughing at her, had no confidence in relationships (in fact, no relationships) and shied away from opportunities at work. In short she lived a very secluded and sad existence.
She now runs 2 successful businesses, which involve public speaking, has a fantastic relationship and a close circle of friends. All in all, the difference is phenomenal. And it is all down to several simple exercises which she has complied into a workbook.
It is a short, easy to read book which explains how the exercises improve your confidence instantly and permanently, and walks you through completing them. They are very short simple exercises and require nothing more than a pen!
It is written in a concise manner so you can dip in and out when you need to and select the exercises which are most beneficial to you.
Kate was advised to charge for this workbook, but as she vividly remembers the terrible feeling of having no confidence, she would like to give it away - she knows it can touch and improve many lives.
The complimentary work book can be downloaded from www.improvedconfidence.com

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