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A slight delay in O2 home phone launch

Press Release: March 24, 2010

As one of the famous poets wrote 'my heart is like a child, either it wants everything or nothing', O2's decision to delay the home phone launch seems to be a step towards maturity. As mobile manufacturers have been exposed to stiff competition in the market, there has been a tremendous change in their overall approach towards the mobile phones market. Now, they are more concerned about their perfect launching rather than looking for launching their product without the element of perfection in it.

In this case as well, the manufacturer has assured the customers to get the best service possible.

As the spokesperson from the manufacturer came out with a decision in written, it was clear as far as the decision is concerned. In fact, as far as the current trends are concerned, the story goes like this only where delays happen. However, one of the most important things to note is that the services must be good at the end of the day. In fact, this is what has prompted the O2 mobiles manufacturer to go for the current decision to postpone the launching.

However, the current launching was planned to be conducted in January earlier this year. The product was foreseen to be made available in the month of March. Now, the element of perfection is something, which has made the changes happen. One of the O2 spokespersons was said When we launched our home broadband service we took our time to ensure the experience was the best it could be. The result has been an award-winning product which now has over half a million subscribers and the most satisfied broadband customers of any of the main providers in the market.

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