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A single place where you can get information about every educational programs and career in the USA

Press Release: August 01, 2016

Every one of you might have seen a phone directory where you can look up in case you feel the need to contact a person in any state in the USA. Similarly, you may require gathering information about the educational programs as well as the schools that offer these courses at some stage in your life. You need not go groping for this information in the dark. You can just visit the website of w3education and the information would be available to you at the click of the mouse.

This school directory has enough information about the schools and colleges offering the different kinds of courses you are looking for in life. You would be able to learn more about your passions as well as the employment opportunities available to you. We have categorized the information for you industry wise as well as skill wise to enable easy lookup.

Be it ‘Art and Design’ or ‘Business’ or even ‘Communication and Media’, you would be able to find every bit of information under a single window. Knocking on the doors of this website would open vistas in fields as diverse as computer technology and culinary arts. We also cater to the basic subjects such as Engineering, Architecture, as well as Information Technology and so on. Persons with an artistic streak in them can browse the fashion as well as the interior designing sections to learn more about their respective fields. There may be people with a serious bent of mind too. They need not despair, as you would be able to find information regarding Business Administration, MBA, Legal studies, as well as other technical subjects too. You cannot expect us to leave health and medicine unattended. We have information about tailor made courses in medical studies as well as nursing.

You would be able to contact the educational institute of your choice by using our school directory. This education directory has taken great pains to filter out information subject wise as well as state wise. You would not be able to find a better career guide than this website.

This is the day of online courses and online university degrees. We have taken care to include these categories too in this education directory. Hence, for all your educational and career requirements, your final destination should be www.w3education.org.

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