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A second phase for FlexiDry at the Greenpower Centre

Press Release: April 08, 2010

The low energy showcase has been designed and built by sustainable building specialists Fordingbridge. With sustainability at its core, the highly flexible building provides an inspiring office and learning environment that will constantly evolve as an innovative test bed for low emission technologies and construction methods at the forefront of sustainable building design.

FlexiDry Floor Screeds were chosen for this project due to their many sustainable benefits which include:

a reduced carbon footprint by allowing the screed to be laid at a reduced thickness compared to standard cementitious screeds, FlexiDry uses less cement
minimal waste by being mixed on site FlexiDry allows a huge reduction in building waste sent to landfill
reduced handling/transport - being a low volume liquid-based additive, FlexiDry cuts storage needs and transport emissions due to the small volumes required
being completely recyclable and providing a whole life solution.

FlexiDry Floor Screeds are visible underfoot on the ground floor of the Greenpower Centre, where they have been laid on top of the building's underfloor heating system, and will be laid in a second installation in the mezzanine level in the coming weeks.

Screeds provide the best thermal conductivity and a FlexiDry Floor Screed has a more dense consistency, giving better thermal reaction to temperature change that is perfect for underfloor heating applications.

FlexiDry's ability to provide strength at a reduced thickness with a better compaction around the heating pipes not only reduces the energy requirement, but also makes the screed 20-30% more efficient as a thermal conductor, when compared with a traditional anhydrite screed.


Contact details for FlexiDry: www.flexidry.com, info@flexidry.com, Tel. 0845 555 5656

FlexiDry is a low concentrated liquid additive that is simply added to a cementitious screed mix on site. Depending on the concentration added, FlexiDry transforms screed drying times with a choice of 7, 14 or 21 days.

In addition to reduced drying times, FlexiDry benefits include the ability to accept foot traffic after 12 hours of laying; improved compressive strength; and a reduced carbon footprint. Due to its high density and easy compaction FlexiDry is the perfect partner for underfloor heating systems.

FlexiDry Global Limited offers an end-to-end logistical and technical support service for the supply and distribution of a range of market leading screed products and services across the UK and Ireland.

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