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A revolution in field of psychology - The Unimind Metamodel

Press Release: April 11, 2020

The Unimind Metamodel has brought a revolution in the field of psychology by introducing the world's first unified model/framework of mind that explains its functioning and all its faculties. It provides an architecture of mind which gives the mechanism/infrastructure that fully integrates with all the sub-fields of psychology, and all the phenomenas of psychology can be derived from it.

Therefore, The Unimind Metamodel may be that most sought-after "Unified theory of Psychology" that we have been waiting for so long. It is also a fully functional framework that can be used for building artificial intelligence.

The Unimind Metamodel is developed by Mr. Nitnem Singh Sodhi, who is an independent researcher based in Lucknow, India and at his age of 15 years, he was recognized by India Book Of Record as the Youngest Researcher Of India. Mr. Nitnem is also the founder-manager and current CEO of his non-profit organization (NGO) named "Nitnem Foundation" (www.NitnemFoundation.org) which aims to eradicate all sorts of mental disorders and human sufferings from the society.

The Unimind Metamodel is introduced by Mr. Nitnem through his research paper named "The Unimind Metamodel & Therapy" that is published in a reputed international journal "IJRASET" (which has an impact factor of 7.42) - details given below at end of this article.

This research paper not only introduces The Unimind Metamodel but also gives us a novel, effective and working therapy/treatment methodology for curing all types of mental disorders, based upon the Unimind Metamodel.


Complete details of mentioned research paper :

Full name of research paper : "The Unimind Metamodel & Therapy - An Unified Functional Framework of Mind that Explains all its Faculties and provides a Novel Treatment Methodology for Mental Disorders"

Author : Nitnem Singh Sodhi

Published in : Volume 8, Issue IV, International Journal for Research in Applied Science and Engineering Technology (IJRASET)

Page No: 399-405, ISSN : 2321-9653

DOI (Digital Object Identifier) link of research paper : http://doi.org/10.22214/ijraset.2020.4063 

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