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A ranking of all Premier League walk out songs

Press Release: May 11, 2020

Ranking Premier League teams entry songs

Premier league football has controversially gone down over the years. One thing that hasn’t changed is the cringy music each team plays while the players walk out onto the pitch to get you ‘hyped up’ for the match (not kidding, a Crystal Palace official said this!). So, without further ado, here they all are, ranked worst to best!

19th- Southampton/ The Saints are coming

Shout at me all you want, I just don’t really like this one.


18th- Norwich/ Norwich City Hymn

It just sounds so corny. The canaries! The canaries! Something about the grand old duke. I don’t know


17th- Burnley/ Wake up

It is a good song but not really for football.


16th- Crystal Palace/ Glad all over

Sounds like one of those happy cheery songs that should be at the end of the Trolls movie


15th- Manchester United/ This is the one

This one screams country music and ‘back in my day we were the best in the world’


14th- Brighton/ Sussex by the Sea

Ah yes, happy music. Calm. It almost sounds like you are about to be asked to buy a sofa from a lady called Carol that works in the advertising department of dfs. 


13th- Liverpool/ YNWA

Some people say that this is the greatest football song of the century. I go against the bandwagon and say mediocre


12th- Newcastle/ Going home

This just screams north


11th- Leicester City/ Post Horn Gallop

It is probably the most unique song on the list. Wait, cross that out. Unique solo. A person playing a trumpet in a … wait, angry Leicester fans about to slap something in the comments. I meant, a person playing a post horn- happy now? 


10th- Bournemouth/ Kashmir

Okay, I couldn’t find an official Bournemouth song but saw a video of Bournemouth with Kashmir playing in the stadium so it's here.


9th- Sheffield United/ Club Foot

This song is nostalgic. Fifa 12, all the old football games. It has been a bit milked down over the years though and sounds a bit sour now.


8th- Tottenham/ Duel of the fates

Ooh! Look at us! We’re scary Tottenham playing a scary song. Ooh! Be afraid, we got a brand deal to use this song from disney. Oooo!


7th- Aston Villa/ Escape

It sounds good. Intimidating and scary possibly for the away fans…. Championship fans I meant.


6th- Manchester City/ Right here right now

Good old Fatboy Slim, singing for the plastic City fans. Sorry city, you get zero points on originality.


5th- Arsenal/ Requiem for a dream

Lux Aeterna. Sounds posh. An overall good song, building fast. But come on Arsenal… an intimidating song for a mid-table team. Sure, you have your ‘glory days’, but this is probably the only top 5 finish you’ll get in the next decade.


4th West Ham United/ I’m forever blowing bubbles

Sounds like it was written as a nursery rhyme. Not intimidating, but almost laughable. Have 4th West Ham, despite how much I morally hate your club.


3rd- Everton+Watford/ Z Cars

One of the most hated songs. I’m quite surprised. I think it’s a catchy song that you might hear on Looney tunes.  Also makes me think of the siren from the purge.


2nd- Chelsea/ Liquidator+ One step beyond

I really like this song. It truly is a cool and unique way to come out. It almost gives you a buzz. ‘Oh boy! Cool music. Almost makes me want to watch 90 minutes of defensive cross-field football!’

One step beyond is Chelsea's victory music, but on some big games, they play it before.

Liquidator: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bdjrse0_-pE&t=103s

One step beyond:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RklkRRzTTPU and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uAzfqEa8q44&t=5s

1st- Wolverhampton Wanderers/ Hi Ho s̶i̶l̶v̶e̶r̶ ̶l̶i̶n̶i̶n̶g̶ Wolverhampton

Undoubtedly the best on the list. It’s all calm and relaxed watching the players come onto the pitch in the away end of the Molineux. Then all of a sudden, the music cuts and you get screamed at in the face ‘HI HO WOLVERHAMPTON’. Enough to blow off a man's eardrums.


That’s it. Go check out my other article about football(below). Leave a comment about what you thought. I won’t read it. 

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