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A Quick Guide - All you Need to Know about Essays!

Press Release: November 16, 2020

Essay writing is a special non-fiction genre. It can be defined as a way of presenting one's thoughts on a topic in a coherent and logical way so that the reader can understand and be impressed.

Parts Of essay

There are usually three parts of basic essay writing format;

  1.       Introduction portion
  2.       Original body
  3.       Conclusion portion


The first part of the article is called the introduction. It should be especially interesting so that the reader is mentally ready to read the whole article by looking at the opening sentences of the article.

If the introductory part is dry and uninteresting, the reader will not be able to prepare himself to read it. A good introduction to the article is proof of the success of the essayist. Ideas expressed should also be linked to the article. A good introduction gives the article a unity, so it is the basic form of the essay writing, and especially focused upon, by best essay writers.

Original Article

After the introduction, the essayist refers to the issues for which the introduction was made. This is the most important part of the article and also attracts the attention of the readers. The writer presents his point of view and also provides arguments in his favour. This part of the article is more logical, thought-provoking and thought-provoking.


In this part, the essayist summarizes all the aspects mentioned in the article in a few words and explains the result.

Types of Essays

There are usually three basic types of Essays

  •         Journalistic article
  •         Literary essays
  •         Scientific subject

Scholarly Essay

When an opinion is expressed on a subject about which the provision of information and material is necessary and the style is serious, it is called a scholarly essay. These types of essays are based on knowledge and ideas, in which the essayist covers all the positive and negative aspects of the subject in a balanced way. They actually draw some conclusions from which the reader can agree, such as a biography of a famous person, as done by Essay King.

An article or an article on the distinctive features of a genre of speech or an article containing the opinion of an essayist on an ethical subject will be called scholarly articles. Scholarly topics cannot be limited or defined. Any topic that is thought-provoking and presents the author's point of view in the light of arguments. Falls into the realm of scholarly essays

Scientific Essays

In order to express one's opinion on a scientific subject, it is necessary to study the writings related to it and in the eyes of the essayist, if there is any scope for disagreement or any new information, he will write on this subject as soon as possible. It is also important for the essayist to present his point of view in a reasoned manner. Repeating or summarizing what has already been said reduces the value of the scholarly article.

Literary Essays

When it is expressed on a literary subject, it is called a literary essay; usually, literary essays are written about poetry and writers. If the characteristics of narration are described, then such articles will be applied to the literary essay. The second type of literary essay may be what we might call satire and humour or essay.

Humour and satire can be used in similar articles and excellent phrases and recipes can be used with the help of poetic and literary tastes. The virtue of the conclusion is that after reading it, the reader does not have any thirst in his mind and the reader agrees completely with the views of the writer on the subject. If it is not clear, satisfying and effective, the reader will be confused and this is the defect of the conclusion.

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