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A Quarantine Journal to Help Navigate the Confusion Caused by the Pandemic

Press Release: December 21, 2020

There is no denying that 2020 has been a tough year. With the year coming to an end, one of the good things to have come out of it is the increased awareness of ourselves and our mental wellbeing. The book ‘Me Time: My Quarantine Journal’ helps us do just that. Kosha Bathia’s illustrated book features a collection of fun prompts, taking the readers on a journey of self-discovery through introspection, creativity and gratitude.

The book urges us to ask questions, to write a letter to our planet (when was the last time you wrote a letter? Let alone one to our planet), concoct, draw and note down favorite quarantine recipes, design our own masks - a mandatory accessory to our attire, evoke the artist in us, practice daily affirmations and so much more.

“This is the book I wish I had over those months spent alone with boredom and anxiety as my only companions” says Kosha Bathia, author of ‘Me Time: My Quarantine Journal’.

As the book progresses, it enables the reader to dive deeper with exercises that emphasize action planning with a focus on solutions. This power-packed book is a must-have! It makes for a perfect keepsake as a documentation of quarantine life, as well as a journal to navigate the world’s “new normal”.

Equipped with this book, we can fearlessly head into 2021 and beyond, having taken a step towards figuring out what the pandemic means for us as individuals and how to make sense of it in our own way, even post that much awaited immunization shot.

The book is available on Amazon.


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