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A popular reversing Diabetes diet is working for many looking for a cure

Press Release: April 13, 2010

Health researchers at the Spirit Happy site have been quietly putting out a diabetic diet that has many followers getting a normal blood sugar level in return. The Spirit Happy site which was started in Denmark by Filmmaker Collin Camino has become quite popular. The reversing diabetes type 2 report has met with a huge success. The diet goes against the typical diabetic diets which filmmaker Camino says cannot stop type 2 diabetes. Camino states that since the removal of sugar from the diet for artificial sweeteners the diabetes crisis has become worst.

We dont need any more walks for the cure for type 2 diabetes these organizations like the American Diabetes Association rake in Billions and heal no one. The ADA even promotes products that get diabetics sicker states Camino.

He states that his reversing diabetes report is so popular because people are being helped. Indeed in the United States, England and Australia many are following the diet that allows you to eat what you like and still get a normal blood sugar. The Spirit Happy company researched and found a way to get a normal blood sugar by healing the source insulin naturally.

I am amazed that people still follow the old typical remove sugar and fats from the diet even though these diets never heal type 2 diabetes. The Spirit Happy diet has been helping many because it works. With a new film coming out soon from Camino many wonder where he will find the time. Camino says I am glad the Spirit Happy site helps so many people and there should be a new film from us very soon
The diet may be seen here http://spirithappy.wordpress.com/new-type-2-diabetes-diet-cure/

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