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A popular blog for the leading UK designers and manufacturers of solar themal systems

Press Release: January 27, 2010

The SolarUK blog, the sister site of the solar thermal companys official website, is now nearly five months old, has twenty postings and is attracting comments from around the world.

The team at SolarUK has installed hundreds of solar hot water systems in the past decade, in both commercial and domestic settings, and is renowned for its award-winning LaZer2 solar trackers which feature advanced vacuum tubes, enabling them to make the most of the suns energy even in cloudy conditions. Schools, housing associations and hotel chains feature in the list of past and present clients.

A new posting has usually been put on the blog every week, with a wide range of renewable energy or environmental subjects covered.
In contrast to the majority of company blogs, there are readers comments attached to most of the postings, as the subject matter, from the wasting of left-over food to the introduction of smart meters and even a guide to films with a green slant, inspires contributions and feedback.

One of the most popular articles has been Chicken Feed, a September look at the global potential of agroforestry. Discussing a call by the UKs mechanical engineers for artificial trees to be constructed to absorb the atmospheres CO2, it asked whether the potential of real trees in sustainable farming was being overlooked.
Since the blogs inception, and helped along by the rising gas and electricity prices that are making solar thermal ever more cost competitive, demand for SolarUKs services has been encouragingly buoyant despite the adverse economic situation.

SolarUK also installs photovoltaic (PV) panels, a side of the business that looks set to receive a boost from the introduction of a new Feed-in Tariff for microgenerators this April.

Against a backdrop of legally-binding renewable energy targets, the Government is increasingly looking to renewable technologies, including solar thermal, as a way of meeting future energy requirements and its legally-binding renewable energy targets.

The most recent posting on the SolarUK blog examines the environmental credentials of an apparently standard 2010 diary marketed as an Ecodiary.

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