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A pet-friendly staycation

Press Release: July 16, 2020

Essential tips while on a campervan road trip


For many pet owners, leaving their beloved pet behind as they set on a holiday can be both heartbreaking, and costly. Pet sitters don’t come cheap, and why should your dog miss out on the family holiday fun? 


A survey of pet owners in the UK (2018) showed that over 80% feel guilty about leaving their dogs at home while on a holiday, and 67% plan holidays around their dog. For most pet lovers, the ideal family vacation implies being able to share memories with their fur friends, and one of the greatest things about a staycation in a campervan is that you no longer have to leave your pet at home while you travel around the country. 


Meanwhile, in the post-lockdown era, we are experiencing a shift for shorter holidays, and in rediscovering the beauties of our own country. Campervan holidays have been considered one of the safest summer holiday options, due to its nature of being in the outdoors and ability to easily isolate. By matching their travel offering with animal lovers, companies such as Indie Campers, offer a great opportunity to bring your pet with you on the road.


A campervan holiday this summer means that you can avoid worrying about availability on pet-friendly hotels or B&Bs, and, above all it allows you to enjoy total freedom and independence of movement. But of course, by taking a few small steps before and while on the trip, sharing this adventure with your animal companions will become an easy and memorable experience.


Plan a pet-friendly itinerary

Make sure your holiday plan accommodates the presence of your pet and if you are flexible on dates, it is advisable to avoid times with peaks of heat or cold. For the spontaneous trips, make sure that the campsite of your interest allows access to your four-legged friend - though most of these campsites are pet-friendly and some of them also offer additional services such as a private garden, entrance to a restaurant or a pond bathing. And to make sure salty paws and toes are on the itinerary, look up pet-friendly beaches in the UK. Sandymouth and Perranporth in Cornwall or Babbacombe in Devon are just a few of them.

Stress-free vacation, for them and you

The long weekend on the road trend seems to be ideal for your pup too! If it is your first time in a camper, it is important to progress gradually from shorter trips to longer ones to avoid any stressful situations for you and your pooch. At the beginning of the adventure, it is important to allow time to explore the space and adapt to the new environment - your dog will eventually find their spot to settle in the vehicle and you will all be set to live comfortably and safely. During the holiday, maintaining the usual times for their meals, walks and small gestures like keeping their things in the same area will help them feel at home.


Pack the essentials 

Travelling by campervan already helps to be minimal and to travel light. Pack the essentials, everything you would normally carry when travelling with your pets: food, water, bowls, leashes, toys and make a selection of other important items. A good towel or a mat will be your best bet, to use for quick cleaning and as a bed for travel days. Although the camper is spacious it still is a shared environment, it will be important to bring cleaning products such as wipes, air freshener and dry shampoo to keep both the vehicle and your dog tidy. 

A road trip adventure also teaches you a thing or two on how to optimize your spaces - containers are great for easily collecting and moving everything you need and storing it under the bed or in the front seats at night fits perfectly. Finally, using a folder with all the important documents such as vaccination documentation and certificate of registration or pet license will allow you to travel by camper in total safety and without risking penalties. Ready to go?

Find images of travelling with a pet on the road here.

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