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A New Surge in Afghanistan - A New Surge in Casualties...

Press Release: February 09, 2010

Simon Hutt fought in The first Gulf War in 1991 then as a volunteer soldier in Bosnia in 1992 where he was severely injured.

"The public can see the injured soldiers returning, and the government has made massive stides in the last few years in the treatment of injured soldiers, however there are hundreds more without physical scars who go on to suffer in silence."

In the US The suicide rate among troops on active duty is at an all time high and rising, while veterans are bringing the war home to their families and communities in the form of addiction, abuse and even murder. They are committing suicide at the rate of 18 a day.

"In the UK we still have that 'stiff upper lip' mentality, and while America is adressing the problem of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Britain is way behind; a case of 'if we can't see it then it isn't a problem. Unfortunately though it is all too real for servicemen and their families. It is a timebomb waiting to explode unless we can help."

It took Simon 10 years to get to grips with his own demons, and has written about his experiences in a forthcoming book " Paint - A Boy Soldier's Journey" available in June.

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