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A new software integration makes dropshipping on eBay easier and more profitable

Press Release: March 01, 2021

Yakkyofy, the software that is revolutionizing the eCommerce industry has just released its new dropshipping integration for eBay.

Rome, March 2nd, 2021 – Just a few months ago, after the introduction of new policies banning dropshipping, it seemed impossible for eBay merchants to make use of this supply chain management method on the eCommerce giant’s platform.
Things have changed today, with the release of Yakkyofy’s new integration. Thanks to the new software developed by the Italian company, dropshipping on eBay is now possible again, and it has become even simpler and more profitable than before. 

eBay and dropshipping

eBay is an immensely popular platform, serving millions of users worldwide. In the fourth quarter of 2020, eBay reached over 185 million active buyers globally, with a 5% growth compared to the same period of 2019.
In December 2019, a study on the most popular retail websites in the United States, carried out by statista.com and based on monthly unique visitors revealed that eBay with 106.9 million unique monthly visitors ranks second only after Amazon, which holds the record at 215 million users per month.
This means that eBay is a platform that allows retailers and small companies to have extraordinary visibility. It acts as an incredible showcase that allows small entrepreneurs to reach larger audiences, way beyond the possibility of small business or of a single small eCommerce store.

Many people might not be aware that quite the number of retailers who sell on eBay do not sell products that they physically have in stock. They in fact upload details of products offered by an external supplier. When retailers receive an order, they send the details to their business partners who then prepare the shipment and deliver the goods to the end-users on their behalf: this fulfillment method is called dropshipping.
Although this is an absolutely legal practice, in the past, many merchants on eBay used the "arbitrage technique" to sell Amazon products with a markup on eBay using the Amazon platform as a way to fulfill their orders on eBay.
In order to protect the company’s reputation and distancing itself from these unfair practices, eBay decided to tighten its control policies on dropshipping, limiting any listing originated from other marketplaces such as Amazon and Aliexpress. However, this new policy has also made it difficult for those retailers who had always followed the rules, and who are now forced to declare the origin and location of each and every product they sell.
These new policies, while protecting buyers, have discouraged many retailers who saw dropshipping on eBay as too complicated. Nonetheless, all these problems are now in the past, thanks to one Italian company: Yakkyofy.

Dropshipping on eBay with Yakkyofy

Yakkyofy is a company that has been involved in the dropshipping sector for years, and that has created a software that can automate the entire management of a dropshipping business.
Today, with the release of its new eBay integration, Yakkyofy allows eBay retailers to integrate their stores directly with its software and to dropship on eBay, following all the rules imposed by the company, with minimum stress and maximum profit.
“According to eBay, ‘dropshipping’ is when you purchase a stock from a supplier and work in partnership with him to send items directly to your buyers, without ever handling them directly. Therefore, dropshipping, when one fulfills orders with the help of a wholesale supplier, is allowed on eBay. " explains Giovanni Conforti, CEO and Founder of Yakkyofy. "What isn't allowed to do is selling an item and then buying it from another retailer or a marketplace."
“eBay wants to be sure” Conforti continues “that merchants own the products that they sell, even if they don't physically keep them in their warehouse, and entrust them to third-party partners”.
"Following eBay's directives, we created an integration," says Conforti "which allows merchants to follow all these rules in the simplest and cheapest way possible".
“In fact, Yakkyofy helps the dropshipper to purchase a small stock of products from a supplier with just a few clicks online. Our company will purchase the goods on the dropshipper's behalf and keep them in our warehouse for free."
"Since our warehouse's inventory is connected to our software, the dropshipper is able to check in real-time how many products he's got left and manage his sales on eBay without issues".
“There are several advantages of this type of integration:” Giovanni Conforti explains to us “first of all, dropshippers can automate and manage their business entirely online; second, by buying small stocks of products, rather than one piece at a time, they can save up on the price of the single item and increase their margins; third, not having to pay warehouse management costs allows to dropship with a minimum initial investment and higher margins than buying products individually".
“Moreover Yakkyofy, in order to further assist merchants and end-users, offers QC checks on products, and fast shipping in the United States and in many EU countries” concludes Conforti.
Anyone interested in dropshipping on eBay can visit Yakkyofy's website or contact their customer care team to better understand how to use their web-app to improve their online sales.

About the Company: Yakkyofy is a dropshipping software created by Yakkyo Srl, a company based in Italy and in China, that helps shop owners to completely automate the management of their Dropshipping store. Yakkyofy sources the products to sell, also branded with your own logo, helps import them into your store with only a few clicks and takes care of all the order fulfillment process automatically. All of the Yakkyofy services are available with just a few clicks, directly on our software, no manual work required. 
Yakkyofy Press Office
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Yakkyofy website: https://yakkyofy.com/ 
eBay integration page: https://yakkyofy.com/ebay-dropshipping-made-easy/ 
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