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A new Medical procedure that may be able to defeat the Coronavirus!

Press Release: May 17, 2020

My humble appeal to the heads of states of all countries around the world who are interested in defeating the corona virus:

Dear Sir / Madam,

I invented an excellent system of medicine in 2012. In the current extreme crisis, to get rid of this deadly enemy all over the world, I hope this method will work. Therefore, I request you to check this medical procedure.

Extremely subtle medicine is needed to seize the invisible enemy such as Corona virus. This medicine will not only heal the infected person, but also act as a preventive.

Very briefly: To make medicine in this way, collecting infected cells or diseased cells (in this case, cells infected with any virus, such as corona virus) repeated collisions or friction took place between other object particles with it, like preparing medicines in homeopathic method. The medicine that is prepared in a certain process will be the best medicine for the disease caused by that virus. Even this drug will be able to act as a preventive.

Although this treatment will not be performed according to homeopathic principles, it will be performed according to the new system of medicine~ 'MahaPathy'.

This medicine can also be prepared from the phlegm of a person infected with the corona virus. This medicine has to be made with the help of homeopathic potentizer machine in special formula. However, special security measures have to be taken for this.

If this medicine is applied in the right dosage, it will not have any side or adverse effects. If the patient has any symptoms other than the symptoms of corona virus infection, or any other disease, then other medicines can be applied along with this medicine as required. To know more about this medical procedure, please visit my website, and contact me. Thanks.

Also, I have a ready-made medicine (name: CVD-1) prepared in the ‘MahaPathy’ treatment method, which helps the patient to recover by boosting the immunity of the patient infected with germs or viruses. This drug is able to work very well in the 'first stage'. It may not be as effective in chronic and complicated cases. Medicine (name: CVD-2) is being prepared for ‘Second Stage’, and Preventive Medicine (name: CVD-0) is being prepared, will be available soon.

A healthy person can take 1 or 2 doses of this medicine when s/he comes in contact (once) with a person infected with germs or virus. This will greatly reduce the chances of infection. However, it is better not to use it arbitrarily as a 'preventive' medicine, because, as a result of repeated use, the person's body may no longer respond to this medicine when needed.

This medicine does not have the same earthly properties as homeopathic medicine. When taken in the right doses, it is unlikely to cause any side effects or adverse effects. I am requesting to test this medicine in case of corona virus. I am not saying that my medicine will definitely defeat the corona virus. I am only requesting to try this medicine.

If interested, contact me for free sample. Thanks.

With best wishes,

Sumeru Ray
(Maharshi MahaManas)

Mob: +91 8538805751

Email: sumeru1235@gmail.com





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