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A never disappointing, all-inclusive shop that provides packaging for party delicacies

Press Release: July 10, 2020

Petallica is the comprehensive one-stop-shop in your vicinity that fixes you up with all kinds of party products. They are lauded for their quality and an extensive line-up of offerings that leave no room for complaints or demands, whatsoever. Take a look at a number of their specialities for you might not want to miss out on the stunning party that they enable you to throw!

Situated in the town of Blackburn, they are well regarded for and specialized in baked party products, party supplies such as the canape cups, among a number of other noteworthy mentions. Given the prominence of hosting a well-planned celebration in today’s world, compromising on the quality of products is never an option.

Starting from the basic party requirements such as artificial foliage to the peculiar crafty additions that light up the occasion, every single thing can be availed through them. One of their most appreciated products is the exquisitely prepared wedding favour boxes.To put it into simple words, these are beautifully crafted, small bundles of joy that add up to the already alluring wedding experience.

Coming back to the more generic parties, desserts are probably the best notethat a party could end on. It’s not a party without something to sweeten your evening, right?! So, to avoid any unwanted clutter disposable dessert cupsare theitems to rely on.

Nobody can be blamed for being a fiend for cupcakes! These are the delicacies that we first search for whenever attending any sort of celebratory event. Therefore, a couple of variants of cupcake boxes, viz, single cupcake boxesand kraft cupcake boxes, help you serve these favourites the way they were supposed to; with delicious sophistication.

About the Company:

With a constant strive to provide their customers with the very best of everything, the shop has made a name for itself in a rather commendable amount of time. More importantly, what sets Petallica apart from the numerous other stores out there, is the effort that they put in to not slack off! Having won over its local customers with their retail store, they’re aiming to make their services more accessible and far-reaching through online mode.


The following are a few resources that one may use to get in touch with them. Either to know more about them or just buy the various products offered.


1st Floor, 8 Mill Lane,Blackburn

England,United Kingdom

Postcode: BB2 2AU

E-mail: info@petallica.co.uk

Phone No.: +44 (0) 1254 693 002

Website: https://petallica.co.uk/

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For more information, please contact:

+44 (0) 1254 693 002

Tel: 01254693002

Email: petallica08@gmail.com

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