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A mobile app for retail businesses and distribution

Press Release: October 23, 2020


Retail and distribution businesses help get customers the products they’re looking for. From the delivery truck to the end-cap, field workers and retail employees tasked with keeping shelves stocked must be nimble, accurate, and fast to meet customer demands.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, retailers and distributors need even more help to make their businesses run as safely and efficiently as possible. With a greater awareness for public health measures, reduced store occupancy levels, and an increased demand for essential home products, retail and distribution companies have to be able to respond to evolving business challenges at a moment’s notice.

Achieving greater operational efficiency

Averiware cloud ERP solution makes it easy for distribution and retail businesses to operate with greater efficiency. Through a mobile app for retail businesses and distribution partners, field workers can conveniently and safely conduct business using the smartphone that’s already in their pocket. To help adhere to public health measures such as social distancing, Averiware mobile app for retail businesses and distributors also makes it possible to carry out business with less human contact.

Here are just a few of the many ways that the Averiware ERP application for retail businesses and distributors can help boost a company’s bottom line:

  • Replace paper. Through a mobile application for distribution industry professionals, field teams no longer have to rely on paper-based tasks for fulfilling orders, tracking inventory, or settling payments. Eliminating paper from a retail and distribution workflow can help save money, boost operational efficiency, and reduce physical points of contact for increased public health safety.
  • Painless sales process. Averiware ERP mobile app for distribution businesses and retailers makes it simple to share product catalogs, generate quotes, create purchase orders, send invoices, and accept payments through a mobile POS. Fully integrated with Averiware comprehensive ERP, the mobile cloud app for distribution and retail businesses can help companies quickly fulfill orders with great customer service.
  • Online and offline connectivity. An internet connection isn’t necessary for Averiware key mobile functionality to work, allowing field reps to capture signatures, create reports, and accept payments when online connectivity isn’t available.

With the help of Averiware mobile ERP solutions, retail and distribution businesses can enhance their bottom line and emerge from the pandemic stronger than ever before. To see how Averiware makes it possible to streamline sales, track inventory, and eliminate paper-based workflows?

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