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A Lightning Protection Company That Is Loved By All Its Clients

Press Release: August 26, 2015

Commercial Lightning Protection welcomes one and all looking for an all comprehensive solution regarding professional lightning protection systems for the most competitive price. The company has been in the industry for quite a while and has earned accolades for diverse reasons, the primary of them being its determination to provide all its customers a guaranteed service. Going through the testimonials that its authentic clients have left, both online and offline, it does not leave a speck of doubt that the company adheres to its business motto- “safe, sound and secure”.

Every day, the customer care department of the premier lightning protection agency tends to a number of interested leads, who, often being first timers, are full of queries and doubts. While the customer care department is more than happy to satisfy all queries, the management takes the opportunity to elucidate all on some of the most asked questions.

So what can one expect to get from CLP while seeking their services? A representative from the company answers that once the deal is finalised with the party, it remains the team’s responsibility to make sure that the clients’ ride remains a smooth, bump less one. The key to near-flawless service lies in a number of factors, ranging from regular communication with the clients, a well organized plan, and ever-availability of a problem-solving team. For example, the team of this lightning prevention system consists of experts in installation who are adept to deal with every complication, as well as manage day to day jobs, like focussing on instant trouble shooting and taking care of client services. The team that installs the lightning protection systems are ever motivated to learn something new and bring a splash of fresh air in any and every work site. Apart from being hard working and full of enthusiasm, they are friendly and thoroughly professional and excellent in communication. After all, customer satisfaction is just the thing that keeps everyone going.

The company 48 hour guarantee policy has also earned accolades from almost all quarters. This means that to every client, CLP offers a complete set of electric submittal that includes the design and layout of the lightning protection system. This is received by the client within 48 hours of the placement of purchase. It can be also received after the company receives a email that verifies the service agreement. Again, a client will receive a Master Label Certification from the company within 48 hours of completion of any project, provided the client concerned meets certain criteria. Such as, the patron should pay at least 75% of the entire contract amount. Also, the Underwriters Laboratories or the UL should accept the company’s application for certification, which CLP will request by means of documentation and photographs, via Quality Inspection Program.

Presently, the company operates through 4 branches across the United States, details of which are found in the company website.

Being a UL listed installation agency, CLP management makes sure that it sticks to a very stringent quality control policy. With its many years of expertise, the enterprise conducts a weekly routine company testing. Plus, being certified by prestigious names like Lightning Protection Institute, clients can be rest assured that it is a company that all can trust. Also, the enterprise follows its very own meticulous and strict standards, as well as UL96a Master Label Standards while devising its lightning protection systems. Anyone interested to explore more about the technologies used can feel free to contact the customer care service who can explain the entire process very lucidly. Also, the company has also designed informative videos on lightning protection, so that everyone gets a clear idea on the activities of the company. To see the videos, one might want to refer to the CLP website.

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