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A glimpse of Google Nexus One mobile phone on Vodafone UK website

Press Release: March 23, 2010

Here comes the good news for all those who were intending to possess the most revered mobile phones of the world, Google Nexus One to be exact. In fact, right from the very first moment of Google Nexus One's launching, there has been much speculation as far as release of this product was concerned. However, the current indication clearly states that it is soon going to be in the hands of the mobile lovers all across the UK through the Vodafone network provider.

What's more, the picture has been cleared further with the fact that Vodafone mobiles has attached Coming Soon tag with it. Now, there is not a tad of obscurity as far as the current release is concerned. As we are witnessing a huge chunk of people interested in laying hands on Google Nexus One in the UK, the timely move by the manufacturer would certainly attract the larger customer base all across the country.

One of the most interesting things to note is that the pricing has not been revealed yet. However, it is a fact that the sales of this marvelous handset is certainly going to create waves all across the UK. As far as the device is concerned, it is one of the best devices, which runs Googles Android 2.1 or Eclair OS. Furthermore, it has been powered by a 1GHz Qualcomm QSD 8250 processor, which renders it more efficiency as a matter of consequence.

Apart from this, it also boasts a 3.7 WVGA AMOLED touchscreen display. For those who love photography, its strong 5MP camera lends the user an opportunity to enjoy great photos anytime, anywhere. The camera is loaded with a LED flash and comes with a 2x digital zoom facility. There is no dearth of features as far as this technological marvel of the 21st is concerned.

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