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A Furlough eBook for Struggling Business Owners

Press Release: May 27, 2020

As the world continues to wrestle with the coronavirus pandemic, the number of layoffs and furloughs continue to rise. While it does paint a grim landscape, businesses are pivoting their strategies and figuring out their path forward. After overcoming its own existential threat, companies will be facing yet another challenge - one that is more complicated than it seems: bringing back their workforce. 


Softway, a digital transformation agency in Houston, TX had to make the hard decision to furlough Approximately 60% of  its US workforce to keep our company going, one of the most challenging decisions in Softway’s 17-year run. During the process of bringing their own furloughed folks back after being gone for 5-6 weeks—they learned a tremendous amount about how to bring furloughed employees back with empathy. 


Today, Softway is happy to share their free, 23 page guide for bringing furloughed folks back to work in an empathetic way. After dozens of personal discussions, surveys, and one-on-one chats with people that were furloughed( and those that weren’t), the team at Softway created a simple ebook to help every level of an organization work through the process of bringing people back with compassion and understanding


‘Responsible transparency is vital to how we approach tough business situations, especially something that will impact the team as directly as a furlough,’ says Mohammad Anwar, President of Softway.


Anwar says, ‘This is why we wanted to create a simple guide that we would be able to offer the business community, filled with things we did well, and mistakes we made.


‘Built into this furlough guide are real-world tips from every corner of our company. From simple ways for managers to rebuild trust, to a checklist to make sure a furloughed employee's first week back is well thought through—the lessons we’ve learned will help companies that are unsure where to begin with this whole process.’  Says Frank Danna, Director of Culture and Seneca and Softway. 

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