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A first-class outsourcing option

Press Release: June 22, 2018


Small and medium businesses have a new outsourcing option - Omnia Outsourcing have a proven, cost effective and value for money suite of services allowing freedom to get on with running your business efficiently by eliminating the never-ending administrative pressures. Omnia’s back office support would be an integral part of running your business.

In 2009, two soldiers sat on sandbags in Helmand Province, Afghanistan, contemplating what life outside the military would be like when they returned home and moved into the commercial world. After nearly a decade, having learned new skills and become fully fledged and successful businessmen in separate industries, they joined forces to shake up the outsourcing world and Omnia Outsourcing was established. Having served in the Army for a combined period of 47 years, both Dale Simkiss and Iain Herron reached the highest non-commissioned rank achievable. Their commitment, loyalty and drive are the passion behind the company whose ethos is to provide a gold standard service to all their clients.

The relentless demand on SMEs means their time is crucial to be able to provide the best service to customers. Omnia offer bespoke packages which are tailored individually that allow companies to run more efficiently without the burden of completing necessary administrative duties. Omnia will reliably provide assistance, support and offer a pool of experts to help benefit each company’s varied requirements allowing them more flexibility to grow.

Omnia Director, Iain Herron said “Our focus is to provide small and medium companies a one-stop resource which can cater for a wide range of needs, so they have more time to focus on the core aspects of their business. With Omnia they can trust that the areas outsourced to us will be handled with exceptional professionalism and always to the highest standard’.

Omnia’s commitment is not to do just one thing well; they are and will continue to excel with a diverse offering of expertise that allows business owners and leaders to get on with driving their business forward with the confidence that all outsourced elements are reliably managed whilst keeping them fully compliant.

In an ever growing and competitive market place, the team at Omnia are problem solvers with a wide background of expertise who care about the needs and requirements of all their clients. Working side by side, listening to their specific problems to offer a specialised, tailored resolution, Omnia help businesses to stand out from the crowd while staying true to their own values. Knowing it is vital to adapt with new business changes so as to avoid being left behind, Omnia will regularly assess the market and offer guidance on improvements.

Omnia Outsourcing already support dozens of small enterprises. Ashley Baynham, Director, GPS UK said “Omnia Outsourcing Limited are a fantastic back office support partner to Global Premier Soccer UK (GPS UK). Here at GPS UK, our coaches are fully focused and committed to the development and education of our pupils within our bespoke training programmes. By partnering with Omnia, we are 100% confident that all the non-core functions of our business are being dealt with professionally and compliantly, while helping drive our business forward.”

Notes to editors:
• Omnia Outsourcing founded by two former soldiers is a specialist Back Office Support Company which assists Small and Medium businesses across a variety of industries.

• Areas in which Omnia offer support in, but are not limited to; finance, branding, HR, payroll, IT, administration, compliance and legislation.

• With headquarters in Reading, Berkshire, Omnia Outsourcing deliver support across the UK, the services offered are not restrained by geographical location.

• Omnia Outsourcing Ltd were established in 2017. The company website is www.omniaoutsourcing.com

Further information:
Iain Herron, Director
Tel: 07854 144923

Notes to editors

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