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A Digital World: The Brains Marketing Releases Free Lead Generation Guide

Press Release: February 01, 2021

Helping Businesses Restricted By Lockdowns

A marketing agency in London, known as The Brains have released a new in-depth guide to help business owners take charge of their lead generation during these uncertain times. With many companies forced to take their businesses 100% online, ‘Leads on Tap’ combines a unique blend of online advertising techniques, marketing automation, buyer psychology insights and creative strategy to help business owners supercharge their efforts. 

Helping business owners lower their Cost Per Lead (CPL), the guide also provides insight into automating processes, cutting marketing costs and reducing effort. These tried and tested methods used by The Brains have seen a 45% increase in lead volume, 5x ROI achieved on average and 85% client appointment booking capacity all reached by month 3.

Here are some of the common mistakes business owners make, and a snapshot of the insight readers can learn from The Brains’ Leads on Tap guide: 

#1 Not creating personas for each type of potential customer 
Personas are prospects who have been segmented into target audiences based on their goals, motivations, and lifestyle. The Brains always recommend defining personas before creating any marketing campaign, as this allows you to create campaign assets and messaging that is uniquely designed to appeal to your prospect’s sensibilities.

How to put personas together: 
  • Basic profiling information: Age, gender, location
  • Professional information: Job title, seniority, years of experience, career level, sector, industry
  • Personal information: Living situation, kids yes/no, hobbies, interests, causes 
  • Motivations: Personal and professional goals and objectives, drives, ambitions and objections
Top tip: Don’t apply more than 3 main personas to any lead generation campaign. It becomes too complicated to manage campaigns with many personas and you can make your targeting too granular, adding cost and complexity to the campaign.

#2 Not developing a content strategy
As they say, content is king and so many people don’t get this right in lead generation. It’s important that you define targeting and persona groups before creating your content strategy. This is because you can’t design impactful content unless you know who you are creating it for. Your lead generation content strategy is intended to:  
  • Attract potential prospects
  • Convince them to exchange their contact details in exchange for information
  • Convert them from leads into sales qualified leads, ready for your sales team to call
  • With your personas and targeting in mind, design content that is likely to appeal to your audience, answer their objections, and appeal to their motivations. These are known as lead magnets, an incentive offered to prospects in exchange for their contact information, such as a free PDF download, a report, eBook, whitepaper or video
Have a think about what sort of topic would be most impactful for your lead magnets – what are your competitors already offering? What sort of information is freely available? If your prospects were to ask you one question about your products or services, what is it likely to be? 

Here are some tips to help you design your content strategy:
  1. Create distinct content for each persona group
  2. Provide at least three ad variants per persona so you can test different messaging and quickly update less successful variants or move budget to the best performing ad group
  3. Offer an irresistible asset as your lead magnet, one your prospects can’t get anywhere else and would happily exchange their information for 
  4. Each persona group should have its own lead magnet, to maximise engagement with your content
  5. Ensure that your copy and imagery work together in harmony and that the imagery you choose is appropriate in theme and style for your persona group
For more information on how you can improve your lead generation in 2021, feel free to check out Leads on Tap, a free guide designed by The Brains, who specialise in digital marketing and online advertising services. This resource helps business owners and marketers take charge of generating leads for their business in the most effective way.

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