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A Comprehensive Guide About Different Psychotherapies

Press Release: September 26, 2020

The following therapies are offered at Mindful guides therapy center.

Somatic therapy San Diego is a holistic therapy that focuses on the relation between mind and body about the traumatic past. The main theory behind this therapy is to restore the ability of the autonomous nervous system which is disturbed by the trauma.

The post-traumatic disorder can lead to emotional issues, anxiety, depression, humoral imbalance, immune system dysfunction, and many other serious health issues. the main goal of somatic therapy is to resale the physical and emotional tension caused by the traumatic event in the past. The patient is guided through the traumatic expressions that occurred in past and helps them in controlling the feelings to relieve the traumatic symptoms.


Mindfulness therapy San Diego is a therapeutic technique that focuses on conscious awareness of the current situation. it teaches a person to be non-judgmental about the present situation. the focus is to raise awareness about the feelings, thoughts, and actions that are the hindrances in the progress. This therapy is useful in improving the immune system, circulatory system, muscular strength, relieve stress and depression, and help from recovering many forms of addictions.


COGNITIVE BEHAVIORAL therapy San Diego is a psychotherapeutic technique to cure various types of problems including anxiety issues, sleeping disorder, eating disorder, emotionally dysfunctional, irrational behavior, drug abuse, personality disorders, and mood swings. This therapy is a systematic procedure that is goal-oriented and tries to resolve many problems associated with emotions, cognition, and dysfunctional emotions. The working of this technique is simple, it helps a person to understand those thoughts and feelings that influence the bad behavior of an individual.

It helps a person in understanding the root cause of the problem and then think rationally to resolve the issue. CBT sometimes must be conducted through joining different approaches including multi-modal therapy, cognitive therapy, and rational emotion therapy.


PSYCHODYNAMIC therapy San Diego focuses on revisiting the past of the victim to identify the real issue behind irrational behaviors and emotional imbalance. In this therapy, a person can talk freely, and the therapist tries to figure out the main issue. This therapy believes that the present behaviors are influenced by the events that occurred in the past. This therapy promotes the concept of self-healing by realizing the issues that are causing problems.

Conflicts and fights are inevitable in a relationship. A healthy relationship can survive the conflict, in fact, those fights help a couple in understanding their partner and build a stronger relationship. However, if a couple fails to resolve conflicts on their own, they can undergo IMAGO RELATIONSHIP therapy San Diego that focuses on converting conflicts into growth and healing and successfully navigate the conflict to strengthen the relationship.


A person may suffer from being neglected in a relationship and that can lead to fights, lack of communication, and unresolved conflict between a couple. This therapy helps a couple to develop an understanding of each other work nature and personality to have a healthy relationship.

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