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A Cloud-based Call Center Solution With Advanced Features

Press Release: October 08, 2020

If we go a few years back, setting up a call center needed a lot of infrastructure and software. From VoIP phones, PRIs, VoIP EPABX with huge licensing costs, leased lines, and whatnot. In addition to this, you would also require an IT team (full-fledged team) to manage it. If, in a case or on the peak days, when the server crashes, the whole world falls into your hands. That can be difficult and hectic too.

Now, more companies are choosing cloud platforms instead of on-premises setup as cloud telephony services do not involve infrastructure costs. It is very flexible, highly scalable, and is perfect for both SMEs and companies. It is not only difficult to manage but handling every little thing would make it challenging for the teams. So to save you all the hassle of setting up infrastructure and managing around-the-clock hours and the stress that comes with it, Sarv has launched the best cloud-based call center solutions.

What is exactly a cloud-based contact center?

The cloud-based contact/call center allows you to receive incoming calls from customers without setting up the infrastructure.

So if you are looking for cloud telephony services for your organization, then you can contact Sarv.com. It offers a full-featured, unique, business-ready, and customized cloud call center solutions to reduce your business costs and improve your customer experience. Everything you need in one cloud solution. With this, all the calls will be routed through the Sarv's IVR system and directly to your agents, depending on the caller's input.

You will have the recording accessibility via which you can preview the call before transferring it to the agent and only transfer the calls if necessary. If in the future, you want to check the CDR data, analytics, or performance reports, you can easily do that as everything will be available in the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere.

It's just a phone which is required at the end of the agent to receive the calls of the customers.

No Heavy Softwares Required

If you use a hosted call center solution, you do not need to install any software or hardware, as everything is managed by your cloud service provider. So, do not wander here and there, get the best call center solutions from Sarv.com

With a hosted IVR, you also get CRM software to record or track incoming calls. All your data will be safe and stored for a longer time, where you can check it whenever required.

Call Center License

To start Cloud-based call center solutions, you probably require a license. Although Sarv provides the infrastructure and software to manage your call center, that doesn't mean you don't have to obtain the required state licenses to do the same.

In India, you need an OSP license from DOT before you can start these operations. However, if you just want to serve your customers, you can start with the Sarv cloud-based call center service, an application of cloud telephony, in minutes.

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