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A Clear Solution to Face Masks - Barriers in Communication

Press Release: October 27, 2020

Our transparent masks can help minimise the transmission of viruses and facilitate better interactions, providing an opportunity to connect safely with others during these difficult times.

With mandatory face coverings, how are we expected to communicate with each other in a world of miscommunication?

How can a waiter earn tips without “good” customer service? How can a doctor assess her patient when she cannot observe the intensity of her patients’ symptoms, pain and emotions? How can we leave the deaf community and the cognitively impaired in the dark? Are these barriers causing individuals to ignore the wearing of face coverings altogether and will there be fatal consequences if we don’t find a way to live in an acceptable new normal way?

We have a clear solution to this. The Kaizen Smile Mask is reusable and transparent, and not only provides barrier protection against liquid droplets, but also facilitates optimal communication with others. It can help to increase infection control, and this makes it perfect for socialising and for environments where clear communication is vital to success.

According to experts, 70 - 93% of communication is non-verbal and we rely on this to express and perceive emotions. The use of opaque face coverings hinders communication between individuals and thus affects the way we empathise with each other, diminishing rapport building and relations.

The Kaizen Smile Mask fits comfortably and securely around the side of the face and comes with; adjustable ear loops, an eco-friendly plastic component consisting of a frame that rests comfortably on the chin, and a large antifog lens that covers the mouth and nose.

It is lightweight, durable and more breathable, and therefore it can be worn for longer periods of time, wiped clean and reused again. This makes it ideal for the organisations we supply to (from restaurants and hotels, to cathedrals), and the schools, colleges and charities we donate to.

Our customers value the design of this product and say that it allows them to show off their makeup and feel beautiful again without causing acne breakouts. Others say that it isn’t suffocating like many masks and doesn’t cause foggy lenses for glasses wearers. Our tech-savvy fans have expressed how much they love its compatibility with facial recognition software. This truly is a product for everyone and is brought to you by Kaizen Health Group.

Kaizen Health Group is a healthcare professionals-led company based in London. The company was founded by Dr Faizal Dossa, a dentist delivering care in the NHS and private sector. Throughout the pandemic, there has been a lot of unethical profiteering. We offer all quantities of face coverings and PPE at the lowest possible prices, hoping to bring transparency back to the market.

Here at Kaizen Health Group, we are dedicated to sourcing high quality certified products, especially our surgical masks which are fibreglass free, hypoallergenic, and further tested with calibration procedures to ensure safety and comfort. Our price for IIR surgical masks is 50% cheaper than what the average dentist currently pays.

“Our values of authenticity and integrity underpin all that we do, and we are committed to delivering high-quality products to the NHS, all businesses and the public, because every individual counts” Dr Faizal Dossa.


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