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No one reads a GMJ without learning something. The GMJ books are like no other and often used as training material by elite units across the world. 

The GMJ Series deal with modern military subjects like espionage, counterterrorism, and military history. If you wish to read about covert and Special Forces Operations in sub-Saharan Africa, the new battleground where the radicals are to be found, the GMJ Books are the place to start.

You will learn about covert operations, Special Forces techniques and military history not known outside the select few. GMJ writes what is needed to be read or exposed. He warns, educates and uses past experiences for the betterment of mankind.

The books contain a large element of truth even where classified as fiction or fictionalized. The research behind the books are extensive. They are 100% technically correct and based upon historical events. These books can be read individually or in sequence. Surprisingly, the lead character is female as are many other team leaders, ably supported by men.

All the books are written from a first-person perspective by the lead character’s bodyguard and later husband, a former South African Special Forces member. There is no racism or graphic sexual descriptions in any GMJ Book and never will be. Many current political events are discussed, linked to history, as a warning for the future. They are revealing.


Of the series the following three are non-fiction:

  • American Military Might – Debunked,
  • Intelligence Briefing,
  • and VOICES – War Crimes USA.




About the Author
George M James is a pseudo name for the author and used for security reasons and for the safety of his family. He is an expert on counterterrorism and counterinsurgency operations in sub-Saharan Africa, a military historian and published author of more than 60 books. George M James’ books, both under his real name and as GMJ, are widely read among military veterans of many nations. Please note that GMJ does not claim to have served in the South African Army or Police Special Forces. The first GMJ, Code Name VFO565, was published in December 2014, some months after his wife unexpectedly died. For the next few years he wrote a 400-page book once every three weeks. It was a unique effort that will probably not be repeated.


Series Details

The 50 GMJ Books are available at Amazon in Kindle format at $7.99 (non-fiction $8-99), and in paper (Amazon Print on Demand) at various prices depending on length.

GMJ Books are between 292 to 672 pages with an average of about 400 each.

GMJ Amazon Page:  https://www.amazon.com/George-M-James/e/B00R2CQ0K8/ref=dp_byline_cont_ebooks_1

Short video clips about the books are available at:

GMJ Introhttps://youtu.be/lDiQJhsQ3X4    

Code Name Lise (best seller) - https://youtu.be/seCZoSr7s50  

American Military Might - Debunked - https://youtu.be/MjDIVbMJq60  

VOICES – War Crimes USA - https://youtu.be/MqiLUmmmdx8


Numerous reviews are available at: https://www.georgemjames.com/reviews.html  

Code Name Love 72 (GMJ 50) Yes, this book must be read! January 8, 2020

“This book is remarkable in that it is the 50th in James' Code Name series, quite an achievement and accomplished in a mere five years. The man certainly seems driven to tell these stories which reveal little-known aspects of the world's military history as well as of recent events in Africa. This latest book tells of South Africa's, also Rhodesia's, effective use of horse-mounted soldiers in their counterinsurgency and counter-terror wars. Surely this is unique in modern warfare and applicable only to the terrain and circumstances in southern Africa and probably never in modern Europe or North America. But what I most focused on in this book was its dealing with the CIA's extraordinary rendition program, a shameful and illegal use of the territories of other nations to avoid having prisoners tortured on US soil. This is an embarrassing reminder for this American of how we as a nation have lost our sense of justice and our humanity. It's a great book and I highly recommend it.”  Elec, LV.

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