Press Release: February 14, 2019

9PM Football Managers, within ten days of its launch in the application market, has reached 100,000 users and was selected as the game of the week by Apple.

The idea behind 9PM was initiated when Enes Cakir, who has been a master student in Computer Engineering at Izmir Institute of Technology and Sener Bilgin, who has administered his own company at Technopark, encountered at a conference in the university. With Sener Bilgin's and other founding partners expertise and entrepreneurial spirit, soon after the project initiated, the company establishment process had begun.

After the company founded, the company partners brought a professional team together and began to create the first project, 9PM Football Managers.

With the hard work of dedicated team members and experienced administrative staff, the game was completed within one and half year and took its place in app markets. Since then, it's popularity has increased steadily in Turkey and now it's spreading all over the world.


9PM Football Managers is an online football manager simulation that can be played only mobile against other users including real-life friends.

· Starting from the '80s, build up your football club and bring it from past to present
· Convert your steps into energy for your team
· Manage your team' training session by playing mini-games
· Challenge your friends through friendly matches
· Identify tactics and analyze statistics
· Manage facilities
· Realistic match engine
· Cool graphics
· Challenging gameplay
· Visit the office to get access to 9PM TV and News
· Accessibility from anywhere on your mobile phone

Brief about 9PM Football Managers

9PM Football Managers is the one, and only mobile game that users play with their real-life effort.

Starting from 1986, users can build up their own Football Club and embark on their career as a Real Football Manager with 9PM. After designing logo & jersey, users take the first step to begin climbing in the league.

Every night at 9PM users fight with their opponents and take their team to next levels, up-to-the Elite League to play with the best managers. They can also challenge their friends through friendly matches before 9 PM.

Besides taking control as a football manager in the club, users should play mini-games to complete their daily duty to increase their footballers' tactical performance for the match in the evening.

Not only they should play mini-games as a daily task, but also they should walk as much as they can in their real life. If enough steps are taken, the players' condition goes up. Thus, the chance to win the game in the evening increases.

Fact Sheet
Developer: Uncosoft Inc. , based in Izmir,Turkey
Release date: December 26th, 2018
Platform: iOS & Android mobile phones
Website: https://www.9pm.app
Press Contact: seda@uncosoft.com enes@uncosoft.com
Address: Izmir Institute of Technology, Urla, Izmir, Turkey

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