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9 Warning Signs That Your Home Is At Risk Of An Electrical Fire

Press Release: February 04, 2021

In the UK, around 20,000 cases of electricity-related home fires are recorded every year. And nine out of the 10 of these fires are caused by electrical products — the remaining can be attributed to faulty installations. To keep your loved ones safe, hiring emergency electricians Wimbledon and knowing the tell-tale signs that your home is at risk of an electric fire are definitely essential.

Here are nine of the most common warning signs you should know.

Your circuit breaker frequently trips. If you ask an emergency electrician Wimbledon, one of the first signs you’ll most likely encounter is a circuit breaker that keeps on tripping. It means that your circuit is undergoing too much stress, usually because of high demand of modern appliances.

Your lights flicker. A single flickering light isn’t much of a concern. But if many of your lights become too erratic, then it signals something more serious — like having a faulty circuit or breaker box.

Your outlets generate buzz. When you plug something to your outlet, it should not generate a buzz. If it does, you have to hire a professional electrician to diagnose and resolve the cause of the buzzing.

Your outlets feel hot. Similarly, your outlets should never feel hot. One of the first things you must do when you encounter a hot outlet is to unplug any cords attached to it. Don’t forget to call for expert help to troubleshoot this electrical problem.

Your outlets are loose. Emergency electricians Wimbledon recommend homeowners to never ignore the issue of loose outlets. Once a loose outlet exposes electrical wires, they can cause shorts and become a potential fire hazard to your home.

You notice a burning odour. Having a burning smell in your home is never a good sign. And if you can’t seem to pinpoint where this odour is coming from, it’s high time to call an electrician to inspect your wiring. The cause of a burning smell, when not addressed, can lead to costly electrical fires.

Your electrical wires are entangled. There’s more to having an organised wiring system than making your home look tidier and decluttered. Having messy wiring can be an indication of rushed or poorly performed electrical work.

You notice rodent activity within your wiring system. Rodents and vermins are nasty home invaders. They gnaw wirings and it can be a really huge issue once exposed wires begin to overheat or spark. When you notice rodent activity, it’s important to have your wirings fixed right away.

Your wiring is already outdated. As in any other stuff in your home, wirings also get outdated. If yours have been installed around five decades ago, now is the time to have them replaced already. Old wires tend to overheat more quickly; therefore, they make your home more at risk of electrical fires.

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