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9 Tips For Small Businesses When Moving Goods During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Press Release: October 09, 2020

When you’re a small business shipping goods to clients, hiring van rental Essex services is a must. A reputable business can help you efficiently and cost-effectively move your products. But what if an unprecedented crisis takes place — like battling a disease as infectious as the COVID-19?

Here are 9 tips to help you transport your goods amidst the ongoing pandemic.

Know the latest guidelines. The pandemic has forced businesses to quickly adapt to today’s fast-changing environment. As a business owner, you have to stay updated about the latest guidelines — especially those that cover businesses and their deliveries.

Move your business online and keep your customers updated. To be able to let your business thrive (and subsequently retain or even boost the demand for your products), you have to shift into and maximise your digital platforms. Post updates about the availability of your offerings and what your shipping policies are.

Pack your goods with utmost care. When shipping your goods in the time of a pandemic, the last thing you'd want is to get your products damaged. Apart from hiring credible truck rental Essex services, you have to do your part and pack your goods securely. You can even add little details like stay-safe cards to make your business more relevant — and memorable.

Monitor your shipping needs and obligations. If you're getting more product shipping requests — it's a sign that your business is actually getting traction amidst quarantine restrictions. While this is good news, it also means more responsibility. Keep good track of your shipping obligations so you’d be able to deliver your products on time.

Develop new distribution channels. To help minimise the spread of the COVID-19, consider adding new distribution channels — like curbside pickup and door-to-door deliveries. If your financial situation allows, you can even free shipping services.

Review your return and refund workflow. You also have to prepare for the worst — this includes having customers unsatisfied with your product and demanding for refunds. To be prepared, make sure that you have a sound and efficient refund workflow.

Enhance your customer service. With businesses shifting into online platforms — with staff mostly working remotely — you have to step up when it comes to your customer service provision.

Team up with a reliable van rental business. To deliver your goods safely and promptly, you’re also strongly advised to hire van or truck rental Essex services. Take note that the quality of your shipping services can make or break business during these trying times.

Observe strict health and safety protocols. We’re all now living under the new normal. And this new normal requires us to observe health protocols when doing any aspect of your business — especially those that demand us to conduct in-person transactions.

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