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9 Roof Problems Homeowners in the UK Should Not Ignore

Press Release: August 24, 2020

Time and again, roofers in Witney have emphasised that for your roof’s life to be prolonged, it needs to be maintained properly.

If you have observed something is wrong with your roof, you need to get help from the experts and have them address your concern as early as possible. Without immediate resolution, the issue will only get worse and will lead to higher repair (or replacement) expenses.

Over the past two decades, Country Roofing has witnessed many homeowners face several roofing concerns — and has helped them fix these issues in a cost-effective manner. Here are nine of the most common problems they’ve encountered while delivering top-tier roofing services in the UK.

Incorrect installation. When your roofer in Witney fails to install your roof and it’s components correctly, expect that damages will follow suit. From leaks to premature tile damage, issues will arise long before you’ll be able to maximise your roof’s life.

Damaged slates or tiles. Your roof’s tiles (or skates) can also be damaged due to severe weather conditions. If the nails that hold these parts in place start to corrode or rot, it’s only a matter of time before they slip or get broken and even cause accidents.

Water damage. If your roof has gaps and cracks, it will suffer from moisture and water damage. When the fickle-weathered season arrives, your roof — and the rest of your house — will be more vulnerable to rain and snow. If not addressed immediately, it can also lead to the hazardous growth of mold and mildew.

Membrane shrinkage. Roofers in Witney also commonly encounter this problem: the shrinking of the protective membrane found below your roof tiles. That can be caused by too much exposure to the sun and its UV light.

Blocked gutters and drainage. Your gutter and drainage system is designed to redirect your water into the proper channels. If a part of it gets clogged (i.e., there’s too much buildup of dirt, leaves, dust, or silt among others), you will suffer from water damage.

Damages from trees. If you have trees in or near your property, they can pose a danger to your roofing system. Once a strong wind blows or a strong hurricane hits your area, their branches can fall on your roof and cause cracks and general wear and tear.

Sagging roof. Though a roofer in Witney might say that this one is relatively less problematic, it can still indicate that your roofing system is unstable. Neglecting this concern will cause your home’s structural integrity to weaken over time.

Poor ventilation. If a roof is poorly ventilated, moisture can be trapped inside your home, which in turn will lead to mold growth and higher energy costs.

Lack of maintenance. Needless to say, failing to maintain your roofing system will inevitably cause a plethora of problems. For it to be optimised, make sure to schedule regular inspections and cleanings.

Are you experiencing one of the abovementioned roofing problems? Country Roofing — home to most dependable roofers in Witney — is here to help you out. Reach out to their accommodating technicians via telephone at 01993 700 725 or through e-mail at info@countryroofingltd.co.uk.

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