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9 Health Benefits Of Horseback Riding For Kids And Adults

Press Release: September 30, 2020

Riding a horse looks cool. And beyond this aesthetic, doing-it-for-’gram facade, trying out horse riding in Birmingham offers a number of health benefits. Whether you’re a kid or, ahem, a kid-at-heart, this is a sport you should consider dabbling into if you want to stay fit and live a healthier life.

It improves your balance. One of the most important skills you’ll acquire when you take horse riding Birmingham classes is learning how to quickly regain your balance. The movements of a horse can throw you off balance — and the challenge is to recover quickly and take control of the ride.

It strengthens your core muscles. In relation to the first bullet, you have to use your core muscles in order to stay balanced while riding a horse. By constantly using these muscles, you get to strengthen them and burn extra fat in the process. In the long run, you will also achieve a more toned body.

It enhances your posture. Balancing on your saddle also helps improve your posture. When you regularly ride a horse, you’ll notice how your body will be able to maintain an upright posture even if you’re already out of the saddle.

It aids in sensory integration. Horse riding in Birmingham is also a good way to enhance your senses. Through various touch and environment stimuli, your visual, olfactory, and auditory senses will be stimulated and exercised. Your senses will need to work together in order to help you sustain your control of the horse.

It improves body coordination. With improved senses, it will be more efficient for you to do body coordination and gain faster reflexes. The repetitive nature of horse riding movements and patterns will also enhance your motor planning.

It helps you burn calories. Even outside the horse riding track, you can shed off some weight when you groom and feed your horse.

It reduces anxiety levels. Riding a horse is a good form of exercise. And like most forms of exercise, it can improve your blood circulation, reduce anxiety levels, and improve your mood.

It enhances your emotional well-being. Horse riding Birmingham does not only benefit you physically. As stated above, it can help ease anxiety — and in the process boost your overall emotional well-being. You will also benefit from the certain kind of camaraderie you’ll get to share with fellow riders.

It helps you welcome new challenges easier. Life is full of challenges. When you learn to ride a horse, you’ll train your mind to become more accepting of the fact that hurdles and obstacles are part of the journey. By strengthening mental and physical health, you’ll also be better equipped to take on challenges that may come your way.

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