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9 Expert Tips When Hiring House Cleaners

Press Release: November 12, 2020

Every homeowner wants to keep their place tidy and organised. However, not all have the luxury of time to do just that. And this is where hiring domestic cleaners in Chatham becomes beneficial. Apart from making it more convenient for you, they have specialised skills and an appropriate set of tools to clean domestic spaces according to your liking and specific instructions. The key is hiring house cleaners who are competent and qualified.

Here are nine expert tips to help you out.

Get recommendations from people within your circle. To efficiently kick off your search, you should start getting recommendations from people you trust -- your relatives, friends, and close colleagues. Ask if they’ve hired house cleaners and how was their experience with the agency and the cleaning team themselves.

Know the services they offer. Agencies who provide domestic cleaners Chatham have different ranges of services. When you’re searching for cleaners, make sure that they’re capable of accommodating your needs.

Enquire how the cleaning agency charges its services. Do they have a flat rate or do they charge on an hourly basis? Can they offer a free estimate? A sign of a good cleaning agency is transparency in their pricing.

Check their insurance coverage. To provide a safety net, it’s better to go for cleaners who are fully insured. This will take away from you the liability should they get injured -- or should your belongings be damaged -- while having your home cleaned.

Interview candidates. To get a vibe of your prospect, it’s best to conduct a one-on-one interview with each of the candidates you’re eyeing to hire.

Do a proper background check. You have to do your homework when choosing domestic cleaners Chatham. Besides interviewing them, you have to conduct a thorough background check and go through their track record. Also, check for online reviews and testimonials.

Ask about their cleaning tools and supplies. If you want to ensure your home is being cleaned with industry-approved cleaning supplies, you have to ask your agency about the set of cleaning tools and agents they use. You can also go the extra mile and choose a provider that uses eco-friendly cleaning equipment.

Clearly set your expectations. How frequently do they need to clean your house? Is there a special instruction they’d need to follow? For your cleaners to give you satisfaction, you have to set and communicate your expectations first.

Clarify their terms of service. From the liabilities of each party to the fees you’ve agreed to pay should you discontinue their service, everything should be put in black and white. Before hiring their services or paying anything, make sure to sign a contract first.

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