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9 Dirtiest Spots In Your Home According To Experts

Press Release: March 08, 2021

Now more than ever, we need to ensure that the very place we live in is safe, clean, and virus-free. And when cleaning our respective residential spaces, there are spots that we need to give particular attention to. Here are nine of the dirtiest areas in your home according to professional cleaners in Suffolk.

Knobs, switches, and handles. These are the things that we frequently touch — door knobs, light switches, handles of different equipment like microwaves and refrigerators. It comes as no surprise why many pathogens lurk in these spots. Any cleaner Suffolk knows how it’s a must to thoroughly disinfect these areas.

Stair railing. Whether it’s the railing in your porch or balcony or the railing in your stairs, one thing is true — lots of hands touch them on a daily basis, especially at times when you have guests in your home. The presence of dirt and germs requires you to pay more attention to it when cleaning your home.

Keyboards and remote controls. We use keyboards and remote controls for leisure and work purposes. Meaning, we touch them as frequently as we can throughout the day. This makes these items home to a plethora of germs and other microorganisms.

Mattress. Adults spend around seven to nine hours sleeping; kids, around 10. If you’ve got pets like dogs, there are cases wherein they also spend some time on your bed. This leaves your mattress brimming with dead skin cells and dust mites, among others.

The kitchen. If you hire a professional cleaner Suffolk, you’d notice how he or she’d focus on your kitchen. It’s because of this area’s susceptibility to dirt and bacteria. From your countertops to cutting boards to coffee makers and sponges, many items in your kitchen are teeming with harmful pathogens.

The bathroom. Like your kitchen, your bathroom is also a dirty spot. Beyond what the naked eye can see, bathroom fixtures, walls, and floors actually contain a host of microorganisms that need to be cleaned off.

The laundry area. The laundry area is where we put our dirty clothes. So it’s only logical to count it as one of the dirtiest areas in our home. When cleaning this part, don’t only focus on the laundry machine, also pay attention to laundry mats and baskets.

Garbage cans. Not only are trash cans dirty, they also give off foul odour. It comes without contestation that these items should be cleaned periodically.

Walls. Deep cleaning a home entails scrubbing the walls. This is an essential step in any cleaning process because walls have high concentrations of bacteria, virus, and other dirt. Apart from these substances, mold can also grow especially in walls located in areas of your home that are more damp and humid (e.g. Basement).

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