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9 Advantages Of Renting Heavy Equipment Versus Buying It

Press Release: February 18, 2021

When helming a certain construction project, you’d need to secure quality equipment to take on crucial jobs (e.g. Lifting heavy materials). One point of discussion in this field is whether it’s better to invest in heavy equipment or opt for a plant hire Leeds.

In this feature, we’re discussing nine advantages of renting equipment over buying it.

It’s the more cost-effective choice. If you take the plant hire Huddersfield route, one thing is for sure: It’s cheaper. Apart from not having to shell out a huge sum of money for the upfront expenses, you won’t also have to worry about your fleet depreciating its original value over time.

It gives you access to a wide range of equipment. Equipment rental companies have a wide array of equipment to offer. And because of this, it will be easier for you to simply choose which ones would best suit your needs.

It allows you to use the newest models. Besides getting access to a diverse roster of equipment, you can also avail of the latest models and technologies without having the need to spend too much.

It prevents you from paying high insurance premiums. A great perk of a plant hire Huddersfield is that the insurance costs are typically included in the package rates offered by the company. When you buy your own heavy equipment, it will be subject to higher insurance premiums.

It takes away the burden of facng compliance issues. Fleet owners know just how resource-consuming it is to manage compliance. If you’re only renting your equipment, you won’t have to do this one because the rental company will be the one in charge of it.

It helps you avoid storage and transportation costs. As mentioned earlier, renting equipment is the more cost-effective choice. And a contributing factor for this one is the reduction or elimination of storage and transportation expenses. On top of these, you won’t also have to burden yourself about maintenance and disposal costs.

It makes tax preparations easier. The equipment you rent out for your project is considered more financially flexible than those you own. The former is categorised as a deductible expense while the latter is a capital-expense purchase.

It lets you experience a preview of the equipment’s capabilities. When you simply rent out an equipment, you’d have the chance to try it before you can use it in the long-run. This is the wiser path to follow, than purchasing an equipment and knowing only later on that it’s hard to use or is not fit for your demands.

It gives your business a competitve edge. At the end of the day, you can use your rented equipment to your business’ advantage. By consistently using modern and appropriate equipment at a cost-effective price, you can complete projects that are of higher quality — versus your competitors that are using outdated equipment.

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