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86% Want UK Employers To Provide COVID-19 Testing

Press Release: June 17, 2020

86% Want UK Employers To Provide COVID-19 Testing – How Can They Do This?


COVID-19 Antibody Rapid Tests for £24 in the UK


In-workplace testing provides a greater level of comfort to employees. In a UK-based survey completed in June 2020 of 500 respondents, it was found that 86% of employees want their employer to provide testing. The survey also found that 70% of employees are not comfortable with going back to work at the moment. AntibodyChecks testing provides a solution to this and helps reassures employees that their health and safety is a top priority for their employer.

The survey also found only 7% of respondents had been tested in the past, but 26% believe they have already had COVID-19. With public testing not widespread enough, it is difficult for employers to make decisions when it comes to people. Decision based on more data, calculated risk assessment on safeguards and structured testing will help increase the comfort of employees to return to the workplace and help employers make better decisions.


With lockdown restrictions relaxing in the UK and more businesses and corporations opening up, AntibodyChecks provide inexpensive COVID-19 antibody tests, from £24 per test, that can be performed onsite with results delivered in 15 minutes.


This gives businesses data to understand what guidelines they need to put in place for distancing measures, how they phase the workforce back into the office or workplace and help understand the need for further COVID-19 laboratory testing. It is a powerful, less expensive solution to give businesses and corporations the ability to make informed decisions on their next steps to reduce the transmission of COVID-19.


Founder of AntibodyChecks, Mayur Vohra, said:

“It is clear that without data, decisions cannot be made. We’ve seen this throughout lockdown. However, laboratory testing from the get-go can be expensive and time-consuming. OnSite Rapid Tests provide invaluable data on what business should and shouldn’t do when it comes to their employees, who are the life of their business, and what next steps need to be taken when it comes to protecting them.”


COVID-19 IgG/IgM Onsite Antibody Rapid Tests is a solution to this and has a >96% sensitivity and 99% specificity accuracy, making it an accessible and effective screening method for business and corporations to test for COVID-19 antibodies in the workforce.


Why OnSite Antibody Rapid Test Kits?

  • Reliable: 96.9% in sensitivity and 99.4% in specificity
  • Quick: Results in 15 minutes from a blood sample
  • Onsite: Test performed onsite in minutes
  • Affordable: COVID-19 Antibody tests from £24 per test
  • Comfort: Employees will be more comfortable in returning to the office
  • Trackable: Invaluable data to drive business and COVID-19 decisions
  • Transmission: Develop the right in-office measures through data
  • Accredited: The tests are CE Certified, ISO Registered and MRHA has allowed the product to be placed on the UK market for professional use


COVID-19 OnSite Antibody Rapid Tests are now available from AntibodyChecks.com from £24 per test with free delivery to one location in the UK.


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