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8 Tips To Make Babies Sleep Tight At Night

Press Release: January 24, 2021

Among the biggest challenges parents encounter — especially those first-time ones — are getting their babies to sleep soundly at night (so they can also get a good night's rest). If you’re still expecting, or you’re already experiencing how hard it is to make babies sleep tight, then this read is for you. We’ve listed down eight tips to help you out — from creating the optimal sleep environment to invest in quality dummy comforters.

Take a cue from your baby’s sleep patterns. Most babies establish sleep patterns within around two to three months. Observe your newborn by that time, take note of his or her bedtime routine, and follow that lead.

Ensure your baby’s sleep environment is conducive. Experts recommend that a baby’s sleep environment should be cool (around 65F), quiet, and dark (or free of blue-hued lights, which can be found in devices like TVs and mobile phones). Take note that these lights can disrupt your baby’s sleep pattern.

Invest in quality comforters and dummies. Once your baby hits the age 7 months, you may now introduce him or her to a baby comforter. Playing different roles, one of its benefits is helping your child transition into independent sleep.

Pay attention to the calories your baby consumes during the day. The logic behind this is simple: If you feed your baby more calories at daytime, he or she will less likely have that urge to eat or drink at night. Hence, he or she will have more time for adequate sleep.

Limit the period of your baby’s daytime nap. Another daytime-related tip is to limit the length of time that your baby spends napping during the day. A daytime nap should only be about 2 to 2.5 hours. To help wake your child, you can rub the bottom of his or her feet, open up the collar of his or her clothing, or expose him or her to natural light.

Help usher your baby into his or her sleeping time. Babies favour familiarity. This is why having a pre-nap routine is essential. Some of the routines you can consider include giving infant massages, rocking, and cuddling.

Try using white noise. Apart from comforters and dummies, you can also use white noise to help your kid have a good night’s sleep. This can also help drown out the noise coming from the outside. Just be mindful about the volume so it won’t negatively affect your infant’s ears.

Be mindful before you rush in. Sometimes, it’s inevitable for babies to cry or babbly briefly at night. Before rushing into your infant, wait for a while and observe if the crying or babbling continues. These activities can take place while your kid is asleep. Rushing in can only disrupt his or her sleep.

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