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8 Signs Of Electrical Circuit Overloading Every Homeowner Should Know

Press Release: October 30, 2020

Like people and machines, circuits too can get overloaded once an outlet handles too much appliances. One of its consequences is a home fire. In the UK, around 54% of residential fires were electrical in origin, which caused over 1,300 injuries and fatalities. To prevent these mishaps, you need to call a reputable emergency electrician in London at the first sight of a circuit overload. The question is -- how do you identify this type of electrical problem? Here are eight tell-tale signs.

You have flickering or dimming lights. There could be different reasons why your light flickers or dims. To check if it's caused by an overload, try replacing your bulb with a new one. If it still goes on and off, then it could mean that the circuit involved is experiencing an overload.

You hear a buzzing sound from an appliance. If you hear a buzzing sound when an appliance is turned on, you should consider calling an emergency electrician London -- especially if the sound does not occur when it's plugged in a different outlet. It only indicates that the outlet where it's previously plugged has an overworked circuit.

You notice a burning smell near your outlet. Like the buzzing-sound sign, the burning smell will typically disappear after you've plugged your appliance in a separate "unoverloaded" outlet. If it does, you need to resolve the overworked outlet to prevent it from damaging your appliances or causing a home fire.

You have scorch marks on your outlet. Scorch marks indicate that your outlet is releasing heat. It's your outlet’s way of telling that it's being overloaded.

You notice smoke emanating from an outlet. Whenever you see smoke coming from an outlet or an appliance, waste no time and seek help from an emergency electrician London. You should also do your part by turning off your appliances -- or your main circuit breaker.

You reset your breakers too frequently. Speaking of breakers -- if you're resetting yours too frequently because of issues with your appliances, you might want to get to the root of the problem, which is probably an overloaded electrical circuit.

You have trouble getting high-powered appliances to work properly. Because too many appliances are plugged into an outlet, it could affect the performance of high-powered appliances. You'll either experience trouble starting it or keeping it turned on.

You experience an electrical shock when you’re plugging an appliance. Perhaps the biggest sign you shouldn't ignore, getting shocked whenever plugging an appliance is actually a dangerous way of knowing that your circuit is being overloaded. Before the issue gets bigger and worsens, hiring a dependable electrician as soon as possible is your wisest move.

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