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8 Luxury Travel Tips from Tourico Vacations to Help You Travel Wise

Press Release: April 04, 2020

Even the shrewdest of luxury travelers look for deals and discounts. The most discerning travelers also look out for travel agency deception. Tourico Vacations would like to set the record straight. After a bumpy start, Tourico is back better than ever. And Tourico Vacations offers its members the ability to travel at insider prices. They're also currently running a travel sweepstakes for 2020.

If you're looking for luxury travel tips, Tourico Vacations has compiled a list of the top eight tips to ensure you travel wise.

These tips include:

1.    Never putting identifying information on your luggage. If thieves get to this information, they'll know your residence won't be occupied. Adding your zip code or just your telephone number is enough.

2.    Whenever you add a new SD or memory card to your camera, take a selfie. In the event your camera is lost or stolen, having a picture of yourself on the memory card aids authorities in identification. It's the easiest way to prove ownership.

3.    Using a site like Tourico Vacations helps you find the best deals at insider prices and offers protection in the event of trip cancellation.

4.    Vacation planning can be hectic! It's almost a given that you'll forget something at home, such as the plug-in portion of your cellphone charger. Thankfully, many hotels offer televisions with USB charging capabilities. Some even provide charging cords.

5.    Worried about suffering from jet-lag? When you arrive at your destination, don't go to bed until your usual bedtime in your current time zone. For instance, if you live in PST and you normally go to bed at 9:00 pm, and you travel to the EST time zone, go to bed at 9:00 EST and then sleep your normal number of hours.

6.    Did your clothes get wrinkled during transit? Use the hangers provided to you in your hotel room to hang them up. Bring along an empty spray bottle that you can fill with water. Lightly spritz the wrinkled clothing and leave them hanging up overnight. Don't have that long? Hang your clothing up in the bathroom and the steam from your shower will help remove the creases.

7.    The majority of countries require that you have a certain number of months, normally six, left on your passport in order to travel. Don't put off your passport renewal to the last minute.

8.    Finally, if you're going to a new destination, prepare a list of all the attractions you want to see. This will help you keep your mind focused because, as it is with any new destination, you'll find there's so much to see and do, you don't want to waste time deciding.

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