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8 Halloween Hacks for 2020

Press Release: October 28, 2020

Halloween is around the corner. We’ve no sooner stored away all the decorations, trick or treating lootbags and Halloween costumes when it’s suddenly time to haul it all out again!

Finding the perfect costume can be a total headache. Searching the shops for the right style, size and price only to find that everything is either not right or costs a fortune. As fun as Halloween is wearing your sweaters or costumes and with all the excitement, it can be a lot of work and can become an organizational mess. 

At You Look Ugly Today, we’ve compiled a list of 8 hacks to help you to enjoy a stress-free Halloween:

1) Be prepared and plan. Start looking for your family’s Halloween outfit online for a style you like now. Don’t delay. Waiting until the day before will only add to the stress. 

2) Avoid the shops and buy online. The current pandemic has moved more shoppers to begin using online shopping. Buy your Halloween and holiday sweaters online to avoid the shops, traffic and crowds. Going online in advance gives you the freedom of a whole range of stock with time for delivery. And you’re still ok if there’s a delivery delay or you need to make an exchange or return.

3) Join mailing lists. The best specials usually come through on email and other times on social media. It is a great idea to join any clubs or sign up to newsletters so you can grab promotional offers, exclusive deals and sign-up discounts. This can save you cash – especially if you have multiple sweaters, costumes to buy.

4) Find the perfect size. A great fitting costume will look great and will make you feel much more confident and comfortable. You should measure yourself, family and kids with a tape measure instead of just going with their clothing sizes. 

5) Utilize size charts. Most websites like ours, use a sizing guide. The size guide will help you pick the correct size after you’ve got your measurements. 

6) Order a size up. Costumes often come slightly smaller – so we advise going slightly bigger if you’re unsure. Especially for your children.

7) Grab marked down items. When Halloween is over and there is a load of stock that’s reduced – buy ahead for next year!

8) Take loads of pics. Be sure to record every moment of the madness. It’ll be great to look back on these memories when your children have grown. You can laugh at the spooky ninja skeleton or the crazy pirate princess! Or at your own wild and wacky outfit.

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Here’s to a Happy Halloween to you and your loved ones! May it be filled with loads of playful mischief, spooky magic, laughter and fun – all the ingredients for the best Halloween.


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