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8 Basic Facts about Hydrochloric Acid

Press Release: December 14, 2020

As a hydrochloric acid distributor in Brazil, Palvi Chemicals in this blog explains 5 basic facts about hydrochloric acid:

  1. Uses

Hydrochloric acid is used in the production process of batteries, steel, photoflash bulbs, household cleansers, food process and production, calcium chloride and fireworks.

  1. Storing Hydrochloric Acid

Hydrochloric acid must be store in PVC containers. Steel containers are not safe for storing hydrochloric acid. Anhydrous liquid hydrogen chloride should be stored in heavy containers only.

  1. Use in Swimming Pools

Hydrochloric acid is used to balance pH balance of swimming pool water.

Palvi Chemicals is a hydrochloric acid supplier in Brazil.

  1. Physical Properties

Hydrochloric acid is a corrosive and colourless acid. It is prepared by dissolving gaseous hydrogen chloride and water. It is light yellow in color.

In air, Hydrochloric acid forms white color white vapour.

Hydrochloric acid has a strong distinguishing odour.

  1. Concentrated hydrochloric acid

Concentrated hydrochloric acid contains 28–35 percent by weight hydrogen chloride. hydrochloric acid is usually sold as a solution.

  1. Reactions of hydrochloric acid

Gaseous hydrogen chloride produces chlorides on reacting with oxides, hydroxides and carbonates in presence of moisture.

Dry hydrogen chloride does not react.

  1. Additional uses of Hydrochloric acid

Hydrochloric acid is also used for industrial processing of metals and in the concentration of ores.

  1. Gaseous form

The gaseous form of Hydrochloric acid is heavier than air.                                                         

The above ‘8 Basic Facts about Hydrochloric Acid’ is compiled by Palvi Chemicals -  a manufacturer, distributor and supplier of the best quality range of industrial chemicals in 60 countries around the world. Palvi Chemicals has two star export house statuses from the Government of India for excellent export services. Palvi Chemicals was established in 1995. In 2006, the company became a partnership firm with major increase and demand in sales.

Palvi Chemicals is a hydrochloric Acid exporter in Brazil.

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