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7 Tricks You Can Try To Unclog Your Toilet

Press Release: November 22, 2020

Having a clogged toilet can be one of the most inconvenient things to happen in your household. Who does not need a working toilet 24/7?

But what’s trickier about this is how you might feel it’s a problem you can easily solve—yet, in the end, you end up not being able to solve the problem yourself. There is no shame in calling plumbers in Worthing if you want your toilet unclogged—and, in fact, should be your number one option when solving this problem. But how do you know if the problem necessitates plumber Worthing?

Here are some tricks you can employ to try to unclog your toilet:

Use hot water

This seems simple, but it occasionally works. Pour cups of hot water into your toilet then flush it. The idea here is that the hot water can break down or loosen whatever it is clogging your toilet. However, note that this does not work all the time. And when it does, it’s usually a temporary solution. Some toilets may not be able to handle hot water, too.

Use soap

Another method similar to pouring hot water—although a tamer, safer one—is pouring soap (dish detergent, shampoo, or hand soap might work) into the toilet. Wait for a few minutes, then flush.

Use a plunger

Perhaps the most common trick. Plunge your toilet until it is unclogged. Make sure the plunger covers the mouth of the toilet completely. Flush when you feel the clog loosens. When the toilet begins to have a backflow, close the flapper.

Use a toilet snake

When the plunger doesn’t work, use a toilet snake—a long, metal, snake-like equipment that can reach down into the toilet’s drain, breaking down or loosening the clog of the toilet. When you feel the clog in the toilet’s drain, simply twist the toilet snake. This could break down the clog or you can end up pulling it up using the toilet snake. This can be a messy procedure—much messier than using a plunge—so many people actually call plumbers in Worthing when they feel the use of a toilet snake is already necessary.

Chemical cleaners

Instead of using soap, you can use chemical drain chemicals. They are more likely to break down the clog, but these cleaners are harsh chemicals that are actually biohazards, so use them carefully.

Remove the toilet

This is an extreme method. If the simpler methods don’t work to unclog the toilet, you can choose to remove the toilet and remove the clog physically. This could work, but it is both risky (you may end up damaging your toilet and your drains) and difficult (you need to have a basic know-how to plumbing to make this work)

Call the professionals

You can save yourself the trouble and just call a plumber Worthing to unclog your toilet, especially if the simpler methods of unclogging do not work. Unclogs in toilets can actually be just a sign of a bigger problem, so it is best to call a plumber to solve this issue—and prevent any other bigger toilet issues from affecting you.

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