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7 Tips To Prepare Your Car To Pass A MOT Test

Press Release: December 05, 2020

One of the UK government’s ways of keeping its roads safe for users is through the mandatory Ministry of Transport or MOT test. This test, which aims to assess a vehicle’s roadworthiness, is required for vehicles that are at least three years old. It can be carried out by an accredited MOT garage in Welling and other areas.

Did you know that four in 10 cars fail this test on the first attempt? If your car is due for a MOT test, here are seven tips to help guarantee MOT testing success.

Assess the general condition of your car. Before taking your car to a garage in Welling, it's a must to check the general condition of your car: Are your horn, wipers, windscreen washers and seat belts working? Does your number plate correctly reflect your registration number? Is your car accessible through all doors? Do your suspension and brakes work? Is your exhaust free of corrosion?

Inspect all your warning lights. Your car is equipped with several warning lights for a reason. It's one of the easiest ways wherein you can check if there's something wrong with your car. So make sure to check all your warning lights and resolve issues accordingly.

Pay special attention to your mirrors. First off, the area in your windowscreen that is swept by wipers should have no chips or cracks. Outside this space, cracks and chips should only be less than 10 mm in diameter. Your mirrors should also be in the proper position.

Check your brake fluid. One of the first things that a garage in Welling checks is your brake fluid. Your brake fluid (contained in the master cylinder under your hood) should fall between the min-max range. Top it up if it is too low.

Examine the condition of your tyres. Tyres are considered roadworthy if they have no bulges, cuts, and other damages. Their tread should at least be 1.6 mm deep. Your spare type should also meet these conditions.

Ensure that your car has no sharp edges. While you have to be keen about your car components, you also have to be mindful of your vehicle’s bodywork. If it has sharp edges that can hurt pedestrians and other road users, it can cause your car to fail the MOT test.

See if your car has enough fuel and engine oil. One of the biggest reasons why cars fail a MOT test is an insufficient fuel or engine oil. But apart from this one, you also have to check your car’s power steering fluid as well as screen wash.

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