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7 Secrets Of Ancient Egypt You Probably Didn’t Know

Press Release: September 02, 2019

In elementary and secondary schools, the vast majority of us have been learning about ancient Egypt, and we probably all have the same fundamental references and pictures that come up when someone speaks. Those are probably:

The Great Sphinx
King Tut
But while we have memorized enough of the basics of ancient Egypt to conduct a discussion on it, many things are not known to most individuals. Call them secrets or exciting trivia, but you’re likely to be surprised by them.

Here are ten secrets of old Egypt to wow your friends and family:

1. Who really built the pyramids?
Pyramids were constructed by paid Egyptian workers, Egyptologists have determined. Evidence indicates that some 20 to 30 thousand workers in bad households in Egypt were hired to finish the huge structure over 20 years.

2. Medicine
The Egyptians were so famous for their medical knowledge that leaders from other countries asked the pharaoh to send doctors to deal with them and their loved ones:

Egyptian physicians have a wide understanding of the medicinal features of the crops around them, but cures for diseases still contain a magic charm.

3. A different Jesus
In 2013, an ancient Egyptian text told of the crucifixion of Him was deciphered, but it was a surprise for most Christians that some unexpected changes took place:

Rather than having his last dinner, the texts say that Jesus shared with Pontius Pilate, who offered his own child as an offering to save Jesus ‘ life. Instead of sharing his last supper with his 12 disciples The claims in the text of Jesus ‘ format changer being able to switch from white to red or young to old are even more disturbing.
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