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7 Most Common Mistakes New UK Drivers Must Avoid

Press Release: September 28, 2020

Being a good and responsible driver is more than just knowing how to operate a car. You have to be aware of your surroundings and prioritise safety. If you’re a new driver who's just taken up intensive driving lessons, here are seven of the most common mistakes you need to avoid.

Not getting used to your vehicle. If you’ve just recently acquired your driving licence and it's your first time traversing the road on your own — the experience can really be tense. To reduce your stress levels, get acquainted with the car you’re using first (you’re most probably using a car different from the model you used during your intensive driving lessons London. You can also build your confidence by driving on a less jam-packed road.

Not considering the proper driving position. Driving in the right, comfortable position can make it easier and safer for you to use your car. As you get into your car, make it part of your routine to check the positions of your driver’s seat, seat belt, and steering wheel.

Not familiarising yourself with your car’s blind spots. When familiarising yourself with your new vehicle, you also have to be aware of the blind spots — or the spots where you can’t be aware of any vehicles or pedestrians are behind or beside you. To help you with this one, make use of your blind spot assist technology (if you have one) or install a blind spot mirror.

Not checking and correctly positioning your mirrors. Speaking of mirrors…Before driving down the road, always make it a point to check and adjust your mirrors accordingly. This will help leases your risk of getting involved in a road accident.

Not paying attention to your check engine light. Also called a malfunction indicator lamp, this light comes on whenever your car’s engine computer detects there’s something wrong with your unit. Even a veteran driver won’t know the cause of the problem (it could mean several issues like a faulty gas cap) unless the car is checked by a professional mechanic.

Not using your indicators before turning. Turn indicator signals are designed to help drivers "communicate" with their fellow road users. By not using these indicators, you won’t be able to get your intention across — are you turning right or overtaking another vehicle? This is one crucial instruction always emphasised during intensive driving lessons London.

Not adjusting your driving depending on the weather. From not exceeding the speed limit to slowing down once you stumble upon a yellow light — there are many fundamental driving lessons you have to be aware of. The importance of the basics and the way you navigate through the road become more highlighted once the weather conditions change. Take note that a slippery road can extend braking distance and reduce the grip of your tyres.

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