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7 Label Machines That Will Be Useful To Your Business in 2021

Press Release: March 29, 2021

The number and variety of label machines on the market can be daunting for any business.

It can be especially difficult to choose when you are unsure what you need, what each label machine does and which one will perform the tasks you need.

To help you make the right choice, Auto ID Systems Ltd explains the features of seven of the most popular types of label machines. 


One type of label applicator is the TOWA range of hand-held labelling applicators. These labelling machines are extremely time-effective, leading to an increase in productivity. Labelling boxes and products by hand can be tiring and time-consuming, but this will not be a problem with one of these label applicators. They are also portable so you can carry them around your warehouse or workspace with ease.

Another popular labelling machine is one of the many label counters on the market. These provide an easy way to count the number of labels on each roll. Counting labels is a slow and tiresome job for any company, and these provide an easy and accurate solution to label counting.


Whether you choose a manual or electric label dispenser, these machines can really come in handy. As they strip the label backing paper away and dispense the label ready for application, the labelling process is much quicker and easier for the user.


Designed to be paired with a label dispenser, the label rewinding machines collect the labels as they dispense and wind them into a neat roll, so you do not have to manually hand-roll them. They are also extremely useful when printing large batches of labels.


You can place a label unwinder behind your printer, the machine will then feed blank labels into your printer, providing an easy way to manage your label supply. Most companies stock both manual and electric label unwinders.


Label slitters allow you to slit labels to the desired width. All label slitting solutions are quick and easy to use and are available from many of the leading label machine manufacturers.


Direct thermal and thermal transfer printers are generally exceptionally reliable and high quality. Most trade suppliers will stock industrial printers, compact printers and desktop printers. Whatever your requirements for a label printer, contact Auto ID Systems Ltd for professional advice. 

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