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7 Easy-to-Adopt Home Decor Trends That Will Be Huge in 2021

Press Release: March 24, 2021

Interior enthusiasts like to keep up with home decor trends like fashion trends, and how can they resist trying out the creative and innovative trends online when they look absolutely stunning on Pinterest and Instagram. 

While giving your home a complete makeover can be quite difficult and expensive; updating a few items and adding some touch-ups based on the latest design trends can help freshen up your space within a budget. 

After hours of Pinterest-snooping and research from interior design magazines, we have listed some home decor trends in this blog that can be easily implemented and are going to be really popular in 2021. 

1. Gold-Plated Metals

This year is going to be all about gold galore and silver fervor. Metal accents, vases, and other metal-based decorative interiors are going to come back in fashion this season. So, stock-up on gold-plated aluminum and silver, sculptures to add a hint of glimmer and luxe to your space. You can hop on this trend by simply adding gold and silver decor accessories made from brass and aluminum or spruce-up your furniture adding a tinge of metallic paint on it. 

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2. Natural Green

Indoor plants have been huge in 2020 and will stay as popular in 2021. Because of this even green color has gained wide acceptance. So, get ready to see and add a splash of botanical interiors in your home this year. The shift towards an eco-friendly approach in the home decor scene makes green ideal for providing a fabulous back-drop for organic materials that we are embracing, be it plants, sustainable homeware, or eco-friendly accessories.

3. Artisanal Goods

With the market being full of mass-produced products, more and more homeowners prefer owning one-of-a-kind pieces. Hence, they are buying more artisanal goods as they are unique and also have a notable charm to them. This helps support dying arts as well as local artists. You can explore Indian handicrafts and buy some of the most beautiful rustic modern pieces of sculptures, furniture, and vases to incorporate this home decor trend. 

4. Fabric on Walls

Textile home decor art is making a comeback in 2021. You can use crochets to add colors and textures to your walls and make an artsy aesthetic in your space. 

5. Terrazzo

One of the most popular trends, Terrazzo-speckled design in granite and marble chips is ready to take over your home. Magazines, Pinterest and Instagram are flooded with terrazzo-inspired furniture designs. From cake stands to accent tables, we have a lot of variety in this design on our website that you can buy to create a visually eccentric home. Terrazzo was initially very popular in the 1980s but it has been making big waves in the world of home decor trends recently. If you plan on changing your floors, you can consider this pattern this year as well, or just choose other arrays of products like Terrazzo accessories, tables and planters. 

6. Geometrical Furniture

70s-inspired furniture is back in trend with its clean lines, abstract design and a cluster of geometrical shapes. While these pieces are available in pretty much all types of furniture from coffee tables to dining tables, we suggest embracing this home decor trend a little subtly via side-tables, plant stands, cake stands and other smaller pieces, especially if you are clueless about incorporating different shapes together in your space. 

7. Sustainable Kitchenware

As people are becoming more conscious about what they eat, they are also getting mindful of the tools and utensils in their kitchen. People have been making a switch from plastic to eco-friendly alternatives. And in 2021 we will see more of this positive switch. You should too hop on this home decor trend and make your kitchen more sustainable by using eco-friendly serveware, cooking tools and platters.   

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