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6Storage software releases new simplified version of their self storage software

Press Release: February 04, 2021

6Storage, the leading self-storage management software has released a new version of their self-storage software, 6Storage V2, with new functions for all types of storage businesses. The new version simplifies the user interface and has the most asked features from our existing customers, adding value to the users. In addition, we have integrated with a few third-party apps to cover the entire storage business operation. 

“We have been customizing the application for our customers since inception, adding new functions for US and non-US markets. Now we took a step further in remolding the entire application for 2020, and this is just the beginning “said Mastan, product owner.

New features:

Movable/immovable storage types: flexibility to create any type of storage categories like Rv boat units or pallets or container unit within one software account. Buffer time, transportation costs, and amenities can be customized accordingly.

Tenant portal API: allows tenants to rent units through your own website without redirection to external URLs.

Mobile responsive website templates: modern 2020 storage websites enabled with PWA (Progressive Web Apps) work like an app and are easy to use on mobiles. 

Multiple location management: manage any number of facility locations from one account, and create user roles to delegate various operations for each location.

Discounts/coupons and customizations on lease agreements: create & upload multiple lease agreements for different kinds of customers: like students, long-term customers, etc. and offer customizable discounts/promotions based on each unit or time period.

Lead management: Works like any CRM solution, letting you find the lead source, follow up with leads and see analytics.

Native language translation: we have implemented deep learning AWS to enhance language translation, allowing users to use the application in their local language without feeling frustrated by language barriers.

We have added new integrations to provide more options for the customer: integrations for online payments (Nets payment processor and Nexio), integrations for accounting (Quickbooks Online and Hogia), and integration with Noke security gates.

To see a demo of the new software, visit https://www.6storage.com/scheduledemo/ 

6Storage offers a one-stop solution for all self-storage management needs: self-storage software, gate access system, marketing websites, storage space calculator, search engine optimization services, and social media marketing. 6Storage is a member of SSAA. Its products are used by facility operators of 28+ countries.

For more information:

Mastan Shaik

6Storage Product Owner 


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Mastan Shaik

Tel: +44 20 7993 6661

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