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68% of the well-educated singles are struggling under covid19

Press Release: January 27, 2021

It is no secret that singles are suffering more than people in a relationship during the pandemic. Confinement, working from home and social distancing are hard conditions to live with when you are single.

But the well-educated singles are possibly suffering more than other singles. A large global study carried out by The Educated Singles Club concludes that 68% of the well-educated singles are feeling lonely and to some degree depressed.

So why are so many well-educated singles feeling lonely and depressed? The main reasons given were lack of opportunities for social and intellectual interaction and the lack of opportunities for doing a good job.

Many members of The Educated Singles Club are quite happy with being singles. They do, however, all enjoy social, professional and intellectual interaction. 
Many of these needs are now fulfilled in The Educated Singles Club, which is a lot more than a dating site. The opportunities for participation in discussions and fora appeals to the members. 
The CEO of The Educated Singles Club, Finn Majlergaard explains: "The reason why so many well-educated singles prefer our club over a traditional dating site is our strict segmentation and our thorough assessment of each applicant before a membership is offered."

In The Educated Singles Club the members can connect with each other and help each other through this difficult situation in a safe environment.

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