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650V MosFET’s using Superjunction Technology

Press Release: March 23, 2020

Simi Valley, CA. – 23.03.2020 Micro Commercial Components presents a new series of MosFET’s using Superjunction Technology. These MosFET’s can be used for voltage up to 650V and allows max. currents of 11A and 20A at RDSon-values of 380 mΩ and 170 mΩ. These MosFET’s are provided in through-hole (TO-247(20A), TO-220, TO-220F), and in surface mount packages (DFN (11A), DPAK). With this new series of MosFET‘s, MCC extends its high-voltage portfolio with cost efficient high-performance components. Typical applications for these MosFET’s are SMPS, chargers, PWM controls, PFC- and lighting applications. About MCC: Micro Commercial Components is a manufacturer of high-quality discrete semiconductors for consumer and industrial market. MCC’s headquarter is located in Simi Valley, USA, and production sites in own factories in China. MCC’s portfolio contains diodes, rectifiers, transistors, MosFET’s, voltage regulators and protection devices (TVS, ESD). Our products can be ordered via following distributors: Arrow Electronics, Future Electronics, Digi-Key and Mouser. Information and contact: Name: G. Undt Email: gundt@mccsemi.com

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