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6-faceted App Development Approach At WebsiteProfs Takes The Development Community By Storm 

Press Release: July 20, 2020

Florida, USA, 20th June 2020 - WebsiteProfs, a renowned name in the website and app development industry, recently announced its 6-faceted app development methodology.
In its latest intuitive approach, the company released full-fledged app development services to include iOS, Andoird, augmented reality, react native apps, mobile games, and cross-platform app development. The small business community has reacted with enthusiasm regarding the latest news, while the company itself proclaims this as the “first step” in integrating every local and international business with the state of the art digital wherewithal.

“With more than 60% of the global population having access to smartphones, it has become integral for every brand to provide a comprehensive digital milieu to its customers that is user-friendly, interactive, and generates conversions. A brand’s growth multiplies with these digital instruments,” said Liam White, the Development head at WebsiteProfs. He further added, “We follow a rigorous and highly quality-controlled process of app development that to that is innovative and exceed client expectations.”

“The company offers a multitude of mobile app development services. We cater to both the operating systems, iOS and Android, and alongside, we offer augmented reality and react to native app development. We do not want to limit our services, which is why we indulged in mobile games and cross-platform services, offering our clients a wider scope.” he explained when elaborating on the company's app development services.

According to the latest reports, the company’s new offering is expected to assist in boosting the scope of services for their clients, allowing them to avail of cost-effective app development services from a single source.
“We’re working to be the proven “one-stop-solution” for all app development needs for our partners and clients,” stated Bella Brooks, Marketing Manager at WebsiteProfs. “We have a talented team of expert app developers right here and our clients no longer need to run around, looking elsewhere for various app development services.”

The company has dedicated specific webpages, on its official website, to the multitude of services it has recently launched.

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