Press Release: February 17, 2010

A new study by leading experience day website www.intotheblue.co.uk of 1,032 sixteen year olds has found that more than half of the respondents want to be famous when they are older, instead of branching into other professions. The research came after the site noticed an increase in the number of people searching for and buying the Superstar Singer experience days and Dance Lessons.

When asked what would you like to be when you are older? over half said famous, compared to just 9% of the young people who wanted a legal career. 13% wanted a job in the media and 15% said they would like a career in medicine, such as nursing or becoming a GP.

Despite a large proportion of the young people wanting a lifestyle to match the rich and famous, 68% said they wouldnt know how to go about becoming a celebrity. 21% said they would try to become nationally recognised through a reality TV show such as X Factor or Britains Got Talent, which is due to start on ITV soon.

Of the 54% who wanted to be a celebrity in the future, only 19% felt they had enough talent to make them worthy of fame.

Intotheblue.co.uk wanted to look into which celebrities acted as role models to the 54% who said they wanted to be famous. The stars that most respondents aspired to be like were;

1. Kate Moss

2. Wayne Rooney

3. Lady Gaga

4. Nicola T

5. Richard Branson

6. Davina McCall

7. Simon Cowell

8. Paris Hilton

9. Hugh Grant

10. Alex Reid

Rob Holmes, e-commerce and Marketing Manager at Intotheblue.co.uk, said;

Our Superstar Singer experience days allow people to have some valuable studio time in which they can record their own track and a large increase in the popularity of such days prompted us to look into young peoples attitudes towards fame. We were quite surprised by the percentage of respondents who wanted to be famous rather than have a regular career and more so at some of the role models who came up.

He continued, The fact that many of the young people dont know how to go about becoming famous is a bit worrying and, although reality shows are sometimes a doorway to fame, another way is to develop talents through singing and dance lessons such as this. The Superstar Singer experience could be a good way for young people to start out.

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The website was launched in 1996 as only an Air Activity Gift Voucher site

www.intotheblue.co.uk offers over 600 experiences, including skydiving, tank driving, beauty spa experiences, water sports experiences and many more. This is a simple to use internet based business that prides itself on its customer friendly approach.

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